how to drive safely driving in rainThe rainy season is here. The National Weather Service is predicting another round of heavy rain, mountain snow, and strong winds over most of the western United States for the next few days. The rest of the nation is due for similar weather. Most of us would just like to stay home and curl up with a good book until it passes. However, the fact is people still have to be on the road during these dangerous conditions. Rain can have a significant impact on your driving. Lower visibility, reduced traction, and people who just plain forget how to drive in the rain, make rainy day driving much more dangerous. Most people don’t take it seriously enough. The fact is, more than half of flood related drownings are because of careless driving. So, take the time to learn, or re-learn, the basic of how to drive safely on wet and flooding roads. Safe driving lowers your accident rate, and can help you keep your cheap car insurance rates.

Before You Go

On The Road

Special Flood Safety Tipshow to drive safely driving in flood

Learning how to drive safely in bad weather takes patience and extra caution. Give yourself more time to get where you are going and stay extra alert.