Getting the best car insurance rate for your vehicle can give you considerable savings over the long run. With dozens of auto insurance companies competing over customers, reducing your car insurance premiums has never been easier. However, every company has different policies and ways to determine yearly premiums. Comparing several different companies and the discounts they offer is the only way to ensure you are not paying extra on your auto insurance.

1. Get multiple car or policy discounts.

Multiple car discount is a common practice that most car insurance companies offer. If your household has multiple cars, having them all insured under one insurance policy can reduce your insurance premiums. You can also add additional drivers to your policy, such as spouse, boyfriend or even a roommate, totaling in extra savings. In addition, bundling all your insurance policies to one company can give you large savings. Many insurance companies offer significant discounts on your car policy, if you have your home and/or life insurance with them as well. You should also ask if you are eligible for a special discounts, such as retirement, age, and group. Some car insurance companies offer group discounts for members of certain organizations. Ask for a list of organization affiliations when you are shopping for auto insurance.

2. Get multiple quotes from different companies.

Getting multiple insurance quotes from several different companies can help you save hundreds of dollars in your annual auto insurance policy. You’ll be amazed how insurance premiums differ between companies. Getting multiple insurance quotes and comparing them, is easy and simple. Just call an agent or fill an online insurance quote request and you will usually receive a quote within the day. In addition, instead of getting just one quote, get multiple quotes from the same insurance agency changing the liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. This allows you to compare price differences between different coverage options. For further savings, show a quote you got from another company to your agent, and ask if she can leverage that with a lower price. Remember that most quotes are for yearly policies. If you decide to split the premium to two or four annual payments, you are most likely looking to pay a higher price. Paying your yearly insurance policy in a single payment usually gives you extra savings.

3. Check your policy.

Checking all the fine details of your policy and whether you need all the coverage’s that are included can further save you money. Lowering liability, collision, comprehensive or medical payment coverage can reduce your insurance premium considerably. Increasing your collision and comprehensive deductions are one of the easiest ways to lower your car insurance. In addition, it is important you go over all the other added coverage’s that may be included in your policy. For example, many companies automatically add rental car and roadside services to your policy. However, if you have a second car and/or a membership to elsewhere that grants you reduced or free towing, you do not need these coverage in your car insurance policy.

When choosing a car insurance agency, you won’t run out of companies to get a quote from. Each agency will offer a variety of discounts and savings. Besides getting a quote from national, popular companies, you should also consider contacting a local agent that represents smaller companies, which often offer comparable if not cheaper car insurance premiums.