Travel And Live In The Beauty Of Arizona


Maybe your idea of beauty is a forest of ferns or an array of trees turning color in the fall.

But there are many hidden beauties in the desert that are not as known to us.

You have to discover these little gems created to please the eye.

Choosing a vacation or a new place to live comes down to a few main objectives.

Is it affordable?

Do I like the climate?

How will I fit in?

How many adventures can I have there?

Knowing new places is one of the best feelings in the world because when we discover a new place, we also discover something about ourselves.

Whether you are a biker who wants to ride into a beautiful sunset, or a family of five driving in your van, you can hit the roads of the Southwest and be pleased.

Take a moment with me to discover the awesomeness of the Southwest and what is has in store for us.


How Will You Get There?


There are many ways to enjoy the amazing roads out int he desert.

There is a large community of motorcycle enthusiasts who choose to ride out in the Southwest.

Not only for its beauty but because there are just miles and miles and miles to travel.

You can keep going and going and when you love to ride your bike, there is no better feeling.

Getting the cheap motorcycle insurance Arizona needs you to have is easy.

So get your bike, your gear and your cheap insurance Arizona riders want, and get out there.

One of the best ways to discover the desert is with a motorcycle gang. Or maybe you just like riding solo.

Have the freedom to roam the desert with an open heart.

There are many great road trips to take when riding in the Southwest.

If you already live here, try short weekend trips.

Maybe you want to go with the whole family. Get in your car and make the most of the vast landscape.

Discovering Arizona might just be the best family trip you ever take.

Let’s take a look at what things you can do here in this sunshine state.


How To Get Insurance In Arizona


Really quickly, let’s take a look at what insurance you’ll need to ride here in the desert.

Arizona has specific laws on motorcycle insurance and car insurance.

Basically car insurance and motorcycle insurance are the same.

YOu will need to have a minimum amount but most motorcycle riders choose to have full coverage.

Here is what you will want to get when it comes to cheap insurance Arizona:


There is always more insurance coverage and you might need it:



Visiting Arizona


OK now let’s talk about the people who visit this great state.

As a visitor, you will want to only experience the best of the best.

We all know about the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River Rapids.

But what about visiting those towns that can show us so much about the culture?

Scottsdale, Arizona is one of those special upscale communities that can show you how different the desert can really be.

We tend to have assumptions about Arizona. It’s hot, and desolate and there is no shade.

Well, one day in Scottsdale, you will be begging to come back!

Visit one of the great spa Resorts here and relax in a pool of glistening wonder.

You won’t be lacking in places to stay and eat. Restaurants are top-notch and the nightlife is booming.

Check out the museum of contemporary art and the railroad museum.

Big Surf is large water park filled with wave pools and water slides.

Cool off visiting the mall here.

Scottsdale has some great roads to ride and drive on as well.

If you want to head out and see the beauty of the outdoors.

Just head East into the Tonto National Forest.

Take Highway 87 out of Scottsdale and get familiar with all of the plants and animals that call Arizona home.

The Capitol City


Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona and it is also the capitol.

You might not realize how much there is to do here.

If you are hoping to take a family vacation, you may want to look into this capitol city and what it has to offer.

The Valley Of The Sun is what they call this Southwestern Capitol area.

Known for it’s warm temperatures and industrial cityscape, Phoenix is a Southern Jewel.

The Phoenix Airport is one of the largest hubs in all of the United States.

A place where people land, take off and even sometimes end up in.

Known for its high end resorts and spas and indoor activities, Phoenix is unique in every way.


Here are the top things to do here:


  1. Desert Botanical Gardens
  2. South Mountain Park
  3. Camel Back Moutain
  4. Phoenix Zoo
  5. Heard Museum
  6. Arizona Science Center
  7. Oasis Water Park
  8. Arizona State Capitol Building
  9. Castles and Coasters Amusement Park
  10. Phoenix Art Museum


Ok, so have I made my point yet? There are a ton of things to do in the capitol city.

So visit here whenever you can, but bring some sunscreen in the summer.


Road Trips Galore


When you are looking for a vacation spot, you may prefer to take road trips.

And here are some of the best ones you can take in this wonderful state.


Eating Your Way Through Arizona


Let’s talk about food for a minute.

Anyone who travels, knows that food is one part of the trip everyone looks forward to.

So what is the food like in the Southwest and how is it different than the rest of America?


Living In Arizona


Now, if discovering Arizona on a trip isn’t enough for you, you may want to live there.

Many people move to the sunset state because of the weather and amount of sun you can get there.

Some move here for health reasons, and others for work.

But let’s talk about why living here can be easy and what you will need to make this happen.

The first thing you think about when you want to move somewhere is getting a house.

Whether you choose to rent or own a home, real estate in Arizona is much more reasonable than some other states.

In fact, there has been a large influx of people coming to Arizona because of the fact that they can afford to purchase a home.

Getting a job and finding a place to live are the tow things that bring stability to your family.

Well, good thing for Arizona residents, they have both in spades.

Getting a home in Arizona also means finding the cheap homeowners insurance Arizona owners need.


How Does Homeowners Insurance Help Me?


The Highest Ranked Places To Live In Arizona


  1. Corona De Tucson is a place you can live with only 8 thousand other residents. You can purchase a home here under 200 thousand dollars. And more than 80% of all residents own a home. This smaller town is right outside of Tucson which is a city in Arizona that has so much to do. So you can have the blessings of the larger town, while living in a small one. This town is safe and has a grade of an A- according to
  2. Desert View is a community in Phoenix that many people love. With a population of 65 thousand residents and great public schools, many families choose to live here and raise their families. The average home price here is a little higher at 350 thousand dollars. You pay for the things that are around you and the close proximity to the states Capitol.
  3. Gilbert, Arizona is a large community outside of Phoenix. With over 200 thousand people, it is a city within itself. The average home price is $260 thousand dollars, which is very affordable. While being close to a large city like Phoenix that proved ample jobs it also has it’s own economy. Gilbert is a bright light in southern Phoenix area and has so much to offer.


Why Arizona?


If you are looking to live in Arizona, you will be experiencing life at it’s fullest.

From purchasing a home to commuting in your car, remember you need cheap insurance.

Getting that cheap car insurance Arizona needs you to have is part of the laws of the state.

But it is also one way to make you feel safer one the roads.

Having the cheap homeowners insurance Arizona buyers need is there to protect your largest asset.

You may feel like riding your motorcycle down the long roads leading to nowhere.

Or maybe feeling safe in your community while toting your children around is well worth the investment.

Discovering the Southwest can be an eye opening adventure.

Maybe it makes you feel like you are already home.

Arizona has an abundance of features that no other state can offer.