all about cheap sr22 insuranceIf you have had your drivers license suspended or revoked, then you will need to get SR22 insurance. Most often, the need to file an SR22 is the result of a high-risk driving incident, like a previous accident in which you may not have been properly insured or you’ve been arrested for or convicted of a DUI. You may have been informed through the Department of Motor Vehicles that you must have it to get your license back. It may seem a bit confusing and scary, but if you take the time to learn all about cheap SR22 insurance, you will be able to get your license back.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

SR22 insurance is also known as high-risk insurance. It is actually a form that you need to file with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can not submit this form on your own, you must go through your insurance company. If you already have an insurance carrier, check in with them first. The filing cost is not expensive, usually $20-$40. If your insurance company tells you it will be more, then you will want to look into finding a new auto insurance company. Find one that will be able to get SR22 insurance quickly and easily, and that will also be able to give you the best price on your overall car insurance coverage.

An SR22 is proof that you have the proper insurance to cover you if you are in an accident. Most states require you to keep your SR22 insurance for three to five years. The length of time will also depend on what kind of driving offense occurred, and your previous driving record. During this time period, you must keep your insurance coverage up to date, and your driving record clean. If you forget to make a payment, or are involved in another accident, you will have to start the term over again. If you need to get SR22 insurance due to a DUI or DWI, there are some additional requirements you will need to comply with. Click here to see those requirements, and even a more extensive explanation of SR22 insurance.

If you decide to switch insurance providers to get easy SR22 insurance, make sure the new policy is active before you cancel your old one. No matter which company you go to, you will need to be completely transparent about your situation. Full disclosure is a mandate under SR22 insurance. If you decide to move out of state, understand that all traffic and insurance violations will follow with you, so it is best to take care of everything a soon as possible.

How Much Will SR22 Insurance Cost?

The real cost of an SR22 will be reflected in your overall insurance premiums. Whether or not the increase is significant will depend on many factors, so there is not a simple answer to the question of cost. Some of the factors will be:

As you may notice, these are the same things that are used to calculate your insurance in the first place, even without needing an SR22. If you were not a high risk driver before needing and SR22, then you may want to consider changing the amount of your coverage, to offset the increase that will occur. You can ask for a higher deductible, or choose standard coverage instead of full coverage. If you have an older vehicle that costs less to insure, you should consider driving that for a while. You can even choose not to drive your car and use public transportation, or carpool.

We all make bad decisions once in a while, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. The best thing you can do is comply with the law, reduce your risks, and then move on having learned from your mistakes.