When The Worst Happens, What Do You Do?


The Holiday season brings out the best in us. But it also brings out the worst at times.

When drinking this holiday season, remember that there can be consequences.

Drinking under the influence of alcohol is life altering.

When you are pulled over for being intoxicated, not only is it embarrassing and shameful, but it could cost you a lot of money.

Having the right cheap SR22 insurance could mean saving you a ton of money as well as giving you peace of mind.

Most people that are in this predicament, don’t realize what they have done until it is too late.

Be informed now and know what to expect with the process of attaining a financial responsibility document.

Just because you did a bad thing, doesn’t  mean you are a bad person.

There are ways to redeem yourself.

Let’s look at what SR22 insurance is and how it effects your life in a positive way.


Statistics For Drunk Driving


During the holiday months, we all like to let loose and have a good time.

Holiday parties are a social gathering where loved ones come together.

There is nothing wrong with that. But, if you choose to drink and drive, you are not only putting yourself at risk, but others.

Most states find this hard to understand. There are specific reasons we have a police force and a governing body: it is to protect its citizens.

That is why there are so many laws in place to recognize that driving drunk is a choice and should not be allowed.

To allow one to drive drunk is to allow chaos.

And even though states differ in the ways they regulate this, they all have one thing in common: drunk driving kills and should be monitored carefully.

Here are some statistics on drunk driving during the holiday season:


What Is Sr22 Insurance Anyway?


When you are intoxicated while driving or riding a motorcycle there can be consequences.

If you get a DUI, you will be required to have your license suspended.

When you want your license back, you need to take certain steps in order to attain it.

SR22 insurance is one of those steps.

There are states that do not require cheap Sr22 insurance. They have their own process for driver reconciliation.

Those states include:




New Mexico

New York

North Carolina




Cheap SR22 Insurance And Insurance In General


You may not even know what types of insurance you should have for your vehicle. That is ok because every state is different.

But if you are caught drinking and driving, at least make sure that an accident is covered for yourself and other parties involved.

Attending parties and social events can trigger fun times and a relaxed sense of self.

Just remember the responsibility that you take on every time you get into a vehicle.

You should take into account your alcohol tolerance level, what types of drinks you are consuming and if you are eating while drinking.

Make sure you know what types of insurance coverage you might need to ensure that others around you are protected as well.



Here are the basics of car insurance to be fully covered:



Laws And Information You Should Know



How Do I File An SR22 Document?



Other Offenses


There are a few other ways that you could need cheap SR22 insurance without getting a DUI.



Be Informed!

Here are some need-to-know terms about insurance coverage and DUI’s:

More Facts…



Knowledge is power when you are dealing with the law.

Know your facts about SR22 insurance.