In the hunt for cheap car insurance, Idaho residents have plenty of options to choose from.

Cheap car insurance is tough to find in many states, but not Idaho. Among all the U.S. states and Washington, D.C., Idaho ranks around #47 for auto insurance prices.

The average annual premium for Idaho car insurance is just over $1,050. Sure, it’s not one of the two lucky states that go below $1,000, but it is pretty close.

It’s unusual for anyone to ask “Why is my car insurance so cheap?” But in this case, you might make an exception! There are a few major reasons why Idaho is one of the nation’s leaders in cheap car insurance.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Idaho is the Rule, Not the Exception

If you carefully compare car insurance in Idaho 2021, you could end up paying less than $30 a month.

So, exactly what is the secret that makes Idaho car insurance some of the cheapest in America?

Every state has its own grab bag of features that directly affect the cost of auto insurance. It just happens that Idaho residents benefit from many factors that tend to control costs.

Some of the reasons for low cost Idaho car insurance include:

1. Rural Counties with Low Traffic Congestion

Almost 90% of Idaho is rural. Wow! This is a big deal for car insurance companies, since rural areas entail less traffic congestion. A low population density also means fewer cars on the road, which leads to less accidents. Just under a third of Idaho residents live in counties designated rural.

2. Very Low Rate of Uninsured Drivers

Look at a state like Florida, where around a quarter of all motorists are suspected to be driving without car insurance, and compare it to Idaho: Its uninsured rate is just 8%. Insurers are in a constant battle against uninsured driving, and accidents without insurance lead to higher costs, so this is a very good thing.

3. Relatively Few Major Cities

Even in the safest states in the United States, big cities serve as hubs for traffic accidents. The largest city in Idaho is Boise, with a modest 749,000 locals in the metro area. That makes it the 78th largest U.S. city, a manageable size. No other Idaho city breaks 100,000 residents, and only two are above 62,000.

4. Mostly Mild Weather

Idaho receives an average of 28 inches of snow a year. While that’s not nothing, it doesn’t compare to the fierce winters of many states. While moderate earthquakes have occurred in some areas, the threat from weather events is relatively low, curbing the seasonal jump in car insurance claims states often see.

Getting the Best Cheap Car Insurance Idaho Has to Offer

Idaho Insurance 2021

There’s a lot of affordable car insurance in Idaho, but that doesn’t mean you should take the first deal you get!

There are tons of different ways to get cheap car insurance in Idaho 2021. You can often reduce Idaho car insurance premiums by combining several methods. Once you find an Idaho car insurance company you like, the sky is the limit on your savings.

Just be sure you’re using these helpful methods:

1. Apply for Affinity Discounts Where Available

Affinity discounts are offered by car insurance companies to certain groups simply to make their lives easier. For example, several car insurance brands in Idaho provide discounts to firefighters, paramedics, and police officers. There are often discounts for military veterans, too.

2. Take a Qualifying Defensive Driving Course

The less likely you are to get into a car accident, the less you need to pay for your car insurance premium. Even if you have years of experience, a defensive driving course will take things to the next level. It is not unusual to save $10 or more a month after graduating. Check with your insurer to be certain your class will qualify.

3. Install New Safety Features on Your Car

Safer cars are cheaper to insure, and some popular safety features can even be installed DIY. One option that Idaho insurance companies love is the back-up camera. Many insurers will be happy to provide you with a list showing all the safety features that might influence your premium.

4. Get a New SUV or Other Safe Vehicle

Okay – buying a new car just to save on auto insurance isn’t usually a great idea. After all, you’ll be asked to pay for comprehensive car insurance in Idaho until you pay off the car note completely. But if you are buying a new car, narrow down your short list and then ask your insurer which ones will be least expensive to cover.

5. Ask for a Safe Driver Discount

Some Idaho auto insurance firms have a program in place to reduce your premium once you have gone two or three years without an accident. Others ask that their customers wait a full five years. Why not be proactive? There’s no harm in contacting your insurer at least once a year to see if you qualify.

6. Get a Different Insurance Company

Idaho car insurance is a “must have,” but who provides you with your policy is entirely up to you. If you are not happy with your Idaho auto insurance policy, you have the option of switching. Just be sure your existing firm won’t charge you a penalty and that you’ll have no gap in coverage during the time when you switch.

7. Request a Higher Deductible

The deductible is the amount you must pay “out of pocket” before your car insurance kicks in after a covered event. A higher deductible means you are on the hook for more money if the worst happens – but you’ll pay less each month, leading to a savings in any year where you never used your insurance.

8. Eliminate Optional Insurance on Second Vehicles

Have more than one vehicle? As a car gets older, think about whether optional insurance is truly needed. A car that sits safely in your garage most of the time probably doesn’t need comprehensive insurance, for example, since the odds of theft or vandalism are very low.

9. Leverage Low Mileage Discounts

Speaking of that car that’s sitting around unused, did you know insurers might give you a discount if you aren’t on the road often? It’s true! A mileage cap is a predetermined driving allotment you negotiate up front. If you didn’t set a mileage cap, though, you can still submit evidence that you aren’t driving frequently.

10. Be Mindful About Younger Drivers

Having a young driver on your policy is expensive, but there are ways to help. Students with a “B” or higher GPA may qualify for Good Student discounts. A defensive driving course, above what’s offered in high school, may also reduce your rates. Finally, you can take teens off your insurance if they go to college with no car.

The #1 Secret of Cheap Car Insurance Idaho Locals Need

Getting cheap car insurance in Idaho is easiest when you compare car insurance companies online. Cheap Insurance makes it a snap, letting you find Idaho’s best cheap car insurance in minutes. Browse options from leading car insurance companies now or contact us to learn more.