What People Want From Their Cars This Year

Americans have an infatuation with cars. We always have. From the very first days of Ford to the new and improved Tesla, cars have been the centerfold and the backbone of American history. We used to lug down the dirt road at 15 miles per hour. Now you can see a performing Formula 1 car hit top speeds and cost around 200 thousand dollars. The world just wouldn’t be the same without the car. And the American manufacturing industry would not have flourished in quite the same way without it.

In reality, most Americans need their cars for transportation because this country is so vast. We also have less public transportation compared to many other countries such as ones in Europe. Even without the need for the modern car, many people collect and restore cars as keepsakes and as hobbies. You might need a pretty fat bank account to do this, but the car collecting trend continues into 2019.

Americans Want It All

So what are Americans looking for in their cars this year? 2019 is going to be a year of innovation and record setting trends. With technology at its greatest high, most cars tend to know more than we do. From back up cameras to Apple Carplay to hundreds of horsepower, the add ons in the car industry is never ending it seems. What happened to leather seats and a moon roof? Well, you can have those as well. But we as Americans want more. There is an international trend to save on fuel because gas prices are so high. But we think about more than just fuel costs. We want beauty, power and all of it for a deal.

Getting the best car at a good deal means doing research. Knowing what trends are here, coming and gone will also help you to know what types of cars to look for. No matter what car you love whether it is a convertible with a large V8 engine, or that large diesel truck, you will need great cheap car insurance. Every state in the United States requires some form of car insurance in order to drive in public. These laws are not only put in place for your own protection but the protection of other drivers on the road. We all must share the road. And this trend is just becoming more evident. With larger numbers of drivers on the road, safe cars are a huge trend in 2019.

Let’s break down car insurance first

One trend that never goes out of style is car insurance. I know it might sound like a boring topic. You were hoping for horsepower and red convertibles. But nowadays people are more and more apt to want to save money on their car insurance. Millennials especially are getting very money savvy. Since car insurance is a must for every driver, why not find ways to make it cheaper? Knowing how to do that is key. This trend seems to come at a time when electric vehicle and smaller engines are hitting the market faster than any other type of car.

Cheap car insurance is dependent on the car you own and how much you drive. Even though there are many other factors involved in obtaining car insurance such as being a good driver, the type of car matters as well. Car insurance rates are usually very competitive. Most insurance companies want your business bad enough that they keep rates as low as possible for cars especially if you bundle your insurance with another policy. Because every state has different laws on the amount of cheap car insurance, costs will vary depending on where you live.

Here is an example of what most people get when they shop for car insurance:

These cheap car insurance options will only protect the other party involved in a crash. There are other options which will protect your and your own vehicle.

People also want this insurance:

When you lease a car or have a loan out on a vehicle, you will need full coverage. This includes everything above.

A Lighter Car

One trend that has hit the scene in 2019 is the need for lighter cars. This goes without saying that these cars are also smaller. Smaller cars are another trend for this year. Lightweight cars mean they can be faster and more fuel efficient. In past years cars have gotten quite heavy. We have made cars into monsters on wheels. But now more and more people are wanting a compact version of everything. Making a car lighter means putting less stuff on it and streamlining the look. Most people would agree that smaller, lighter weight cars means less safe. And as a rule this is true. But this is also where car manufacturers are putting their energies. How can one make a car smaller and lighter but still just as safe. It’s still a work in progress but something that people want in 2019 none the less.

Using different materials that are lighter is one way to lighten any vehicle. You will need to consider that you won’t be fitting 6 people into a light vehicle. They will be intimate to say the least. At the very least people in 2019 are looking for cars that can fit into their garage. Hatchbacks have become common because of the space functionality. The car looks bigger on the inside because it is more open. This makes sense for many buyers.


Electric Cars With More Mileage Capability

The electric vehicle has been on people radar for the past decade. And these vehicles have improved immensely from even just a few years ago. But one thing that still seems to be lacking is the EV range. How far can you go on one charge? Many people who have cars in America have them so they can commute. But what is the point of commuting in an electric vehicle if you can only make it one way without having to charge again? Electric vehicle can go on average 200-300 miles on one charge. Even Tesla who has the best electric vehicles in the country can go about 300-350 miles without having to recharge. The more efficient your car runs, the further it will go. But we as a car society have not yet reached the point of making electric vehicles the standard. And until that happens, these kinds of cars are sort of at a stand still. You will have to pay quite a lot to get an electric vehicle with a 500 mile range. And do they even exist yet? People in 2019 are looking for this.  But first, we as a society need to buy more electric vehicles to make this a possibility.

More And Even More

The second thing that people want out of their electric cars is more style and beauty. You know what I am talking about. Most people can point out an electric vehicle from a mile away because they all have that “certain look”. But consumers in 2019 want a more stylish electric car. One they can really show off. A more stylish exterior, interior and drivability. This might sound hard to obtain in just one car, but we American drivers are picky. Many people want a new car every few years. We aren’t a society that stays content for very long. This pushes the car industry to continue to make cars better and better. More stylish, more fuel efficient.

While we are on the topic of electric cars. Why not add an electric truck into the mix. Ford is hoping to become the first company to have an electric truck on the market. The Ford F-150 should be the truck many have been looking for in 2019. People have been whispering about wanting trucks to run electric. But many truck owners who use their vehicles for work are skeptical. Will an electric truck have the power they need to get the job done? Power will most likely be lacking in the electric truck models. But consumers in 2019 want them on the market none the less. You can find out more about the way Ford will file out their new trucks by checking out their website. But just know that the first year any manufacturer comes out with a vehicle is a big testing year. You may want to wait for the reviews to come out before making the purchase. 2020 should be the year of the electric truck.

Things We Aren’t Looking For In A 2019 Car

There are some things that just don’t matter to us much anymore. With smaller and lighter cars on the rise, the need for a huge, powerful engine seems to become less important. And this is good when you are trying to save money on cheap car insurance. The less powerful the engine, the more you can save on your auto insurance. Why? Because statistically, the larger the engine the more likely you become to speed or do something reckless. That drivability in a 500 horsepower engine is fun. But is it worth overspending? More and more people want to save money on their car insurance. Not only this but a bigger engine just isn’t necessary. We sit in traffic, we drive our kids around so why do we need so much power. In 2019 less people want power and more want convenience.


Diesel is another area where people are saying no. It’s no wonder because the price of diesel has sky rocketed. Most people associate a diesel engine with a large truck. This means more gas in the tank and worse gas mileage. Although diesel trucks can last up to 300 thousand miles, the need for this kind of car is lacking. Many people tend to upgrade their car or truck before they get anywhere close to 300 thousand miles. Many manufacturers are on the fence about producing diesel cars. Porsche has stopped making them, but the new hybrid from Mercedes will be diesel. Will this lack of need for diesel remain? Diesel cars are costing manufactures money to make but they aren’t ‘flying off the shelves’ by any means. Will this mean that the age of the diesel has run its course. We aren’t sure. But one thing we do know is that diesel in California costs almost $4.50! So while this remains a truth in our driving society, many people are staying clear of the diesel truck monsters. There is no clear correlation between diesel and the cost of car insurance.

Less Is More

One more thing that people in 2019 are saying no to is the clunky looking exterior of cars and trucks. For years the large grills and boxy frames have been the trend. This was set fourth mostly by the Chinese car industry who wanted to set a new style trend to the car industry. But where did those classic subtle lines go? Classic car beauty is no where to be found. People in 2019 are looking for a more stylish and sleek car without the bulk. Getting this might mean you pay a little more. But if history tells us anything, it is that trends repeat themselves. So our car manufacturers just have to look back in time about 40 -50 years to see what people today are striving for. That 1963 Corvette convertible might be a good inspiration. Look not to the more modern GMC Yukon Denali. People today want less fuss and more beauty.

Bigger Is Not Better

For most of us, a large SUV means parking further away from the grocery store. A growing trend in recent years is the cross over vehicle where an SUV is no longer the monster of the past. If you are a person who wants to fit their kids inside but also fit into a compact parking spot, a cross over is your best bet. Those large SUVs are a thing of the past. And in 2019 people are asking less and less about room and more and more about functionality. Getting everything you want inside of a cross over can happen, but you will need to be realistic. There is no such thing as having it all.