Car insurance for young drivers that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can be hard to come by because of several unfortunate statistics related to teenage drivers. The leading cause of death for teenage drivers is indeed the automobile accident and it seems the biggest reason teenagers are involved in these collisions is purely their lack of experience. With time, these drivers will gain the experience and maturity that insurance underwriters looks for, but until then it will be difficult for parents to find cheap car insurance.

The first thing that parents will want to remember is that they can’t necessarily add their teenagers to their own policies. If their policies are with companies that see teenagers as an unusually high risk, they will raise their premiums considerably. Before they let this happen, they can perform a comparison search online.

A comparison website takes all the information about the people and the type of coverage they would like to purchase. Then it will send the information to several companies that will all have different ways of formulating how much the premiums should be for each person. The result is an entire list of companies that will give differing prices, some high and others low. Parents can choose the lowest quotes that come from the best companies.

Along with comparing quotes, parents have the option of seeking discounts. Discounts are a great way to lower premiums because even when they perform a comparison search for the lowest quotes, because they have a teenager on the policy, the quotes still may remain high. For example, the fact that they will be insuring more than one vehicle could entitle them to a multi-car discount.

When deciding what type of vehicle to purchase for a teenager, parents need to be the ones to make the final decision. They will have the price of premiums in mind and, therefore, they can’t indulge their teenagers’ fantasies of driving a fancy car to school, especially if they are insuring a teenage boy. Male drivers have the most accidents of any age group and teenage boys are many times the most expensive to insure.

The vehicle a male as well as a female teenager should be driving is the safest, most inexpensive vehicle parents can find, preferably a used car. This vehicle will have to be along the lines of a four-door sedan which is the best type of vehicle for a teenager. Yes, they might moan and groan about it but if they end up having to contribute to paying for their own coverage, they will thank their parents later.

Car insurance for young drivers doesn’t have to be out of reach. Parents just have to search in the right place and know which car to buy. Then they have a chance of not spending every last dollar on their teens’ policies.