When you need a quote for car insurance, saving money is probably going to be a big priority. There are several factors to take into consideration that could increase or decrease your final rate quote for car insurance.

1. Age, marital status, employment. The older you are, the more mature and less risky you’re considered to be. Likewise, indicators of stability, such as marriage or being employed in certain lines of work, will score points in the risk department in the eyes of your insurer and will result in a lower quote for car insurance.
2. Clean driving record. If you’ve been stacking up speeding tickets and accidents since you received your license, insurers will consider this proof that you’re unreliable and, therefore, a higher risk than other drivers. Having a record that’s clear of accidents and citations indicates that you’ve been establishing a record of good behavior and, consequently, lowered risk.
3. Good grades. An impressive academic record is an indicator of responsibility and can often translate into discounts on your quote for car insurance.
4. Alternative Fuel. Hybrids and other alternative fuel vehicles may qualify you for discounts on your car insurance in California. This type of discount is relatively new, so be sure to ask when you are shopping for a quote on your car insurance.
5. Anti-lock brakes. Considered a significant safety feature, having anti-lock brakes, as well as certain other safety features, may not decrease the odds of an accident, but they decrease the odds of significant injury and damage.
6. Anti-theft devices. Some insurers offer discounts related to anti-theft devices that could improve your final quote on car insurance.
7. Driver training. Inexperienced drivers with good driving records may be able improve their quote for car insurance premiums by taking classes to boost their skills. Defensive driving classes and classes for senior citizens often offer the same benefit.
8. Multiple car discount. If you are insuring more than one car, you may get a break on your overall car insurance coverage.

The only sure way to find and calculate discounts is to call for a quote on car insurance. Since quotes on car insurance may differ wildly from one company to the next, using the Internet to request a quote from numerous car insurance companies via online brokers can save a tremendous amount of time, ensure that you’re getting every competitive quote available, and have you rolling with reputable, affording car insurance in a matter of minutes.

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