There Is A Car Waiting For You


No matter how old you are or what your profession, there is a type of car out there with your name on it.

You might not be driving it now, but you have your eye on it.

For every lifestyle, and for every stage of life, we seek something a little different.

You might be repulsed by a minivan when you are sixteen, but yearn for one when you are expecting a child.

Maybe you never saw yourself in a truck, but after three years of being married to a farmer, you really need one.

Whatever your life brings you and whatever roads you are led down, there is a car out there for that time.

And it’s ok to change your mind.

Half of the fun in purchasing a car, is knowing that you are making a statement about who you are and what you are doing right now in your life.

It might seem a bit narcissistic, but we all do it.


To get that great car, you’ll need a couple things.


You will want to save by getting cheap car insurance.

You may even want to get that extra warranty.

Upgrading to those leather seats? Go for it, you won’t regret driving a car you love.

Make sure you know the details of your ride. Is it fuel efficient, or are you looking for more muscle.

Are you a lease or buy sort of a person. Not one is better than the other, but it’s good to know the ins and outs of both options.

Before you start your search, know that every year new models are explored and new concepts are available.

Don’t pin yourself down with one car just because it’s who you think you are.

You might be surprised at which cars you actually like driving.

Let’s take a look at the best cars for every life stage.

Which stage are you in?


First Time Drivers And The Cars That Protect Them


Are you a teen who is just itching for that opportunity to drive yourself.

You may have had your parents give you parameters, but your very first car is pretty cool no matter what it is.

Some of the best cars for teens are safe cars that are under 10 thousand dollars.

Some parents may want to go all out and get the best of the best for their teens.

But more often than not just because you get really good cheap car insurance, doesn’t mean your teen is free and clear of accidents.

Teens are new at this and they need protection.

But more than anything, they really just want four wheels of their own.

Don’t go buy a brand new car. And stay away from anything fast.

Reliable is the only thing sensible.


Here are some great cars that you can rely on for your teen:



These three options aren’t the flashiest and they are not the fastest. But for a car that your teen might trash around for a few years, you just can’t go wrong. they also have high resale value. So when your teen moves out and wants to upgrade to a less suitable car, they can.


The 20’s Are All About Having Fun


When you are finally out on your own and the only person you have to rely upon is yourself, so ahead, buy that convertible.

There are so many mistakes we make in our twenties.

From bad hair to bad dates, we just can’t seem to get it right.

Luckily for us, we have youth and time on our side.

So take a chance on that cool ride you have always wanted and you maybe can’t afford.

You might need better car insurance than ever before, but that’s OK!

Get your check book out because insurance rates are higher until you reach the age of 25.

And even then, you’ll need to keep a good driving record.


Here are some great cars for people in their 20’s:



The Young Professional


Jacket, glasses, arm bag, and a salary. Finally your thirties are treating you well.

You have calmed down some and need a reliable and professional car to drive to work.

Maybe you even commute into the big city.

You might still have student loans you’re paying down, so we can’t go too crazy with the price.

But with a career on the move, there is nothing better than finding that cool, classic car.

Maybe you are an intern at the local hospital or a new accountant who just landed the job.

You might even be a teacher or a lawyer.

Whatever your profession, you want to make a good impression, and you want to like what you drive.

Get out the checkbook and book your cheap car insurance policy, because these cars are fun!


Here are some great cars for the 30 something professional:


A Family In The Making


Settling down and starting a family? There are some really great options out there for your loved ones.

Cars for families come in all shapes and sizes.

But it is known that vans and crossovers do a better job at keeping families happy than any other type of car.

Why is this? Well, there is the reliability factor, and convenience.

Have you ever seen a van door open by itself so you can free up your hands to hold two small children?

Well, are you in for a treat!

There are some cars that you just can’t live without.

Here are the best cars on the market when you are ready to start a family:




Retirement And Freedom


Have you been working your whole life and are ready for the next stage?

Maybe retirement to you just means less time at the office. Perhaps its a year long vacation.

But for many, it means a slower pace of life and spending more time with family.

Think of the adventures you could go on! The time you could spend doing the things you love.

Maybe you want to catch up with old friends, or hit the gold course.

The main thing is, you want to feel comfortable and safe.

Don’t worry, these line up of cars will do just that.

Get that discount on your cheap car insurance now that you are retired and go for the best possible car on the market.


Here are some of the best cars for the retired person looking for a good time:


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