Auto insurance in California is mandatory and if you are going to travel on the dangerous roads and there are a number of insurance companies in California where you can get an affordable policy. Not only are these roads California’s most dangerous, they have made the list for the most dangerous in the country.

The number one spot on the most dangerous goes to the I-15 in San Bernardino, California. In a study done, the I-15 was the only highway on the list with more than 1,000 fatalities.  This high risk conditions are not only the roads themselves, but many times it is the weather as drivers often do not slow down during rain and lose control of their vehicles.

Orange County’s scenic Ortega Highway, or Route 74, is also one of the area’s most dangerous roads. It is a recipe for disaster with speed demon driving and numerous curves. Vehicles will often end up over the embankment. The Ortega Highway has monthly motorcycle accidents, head-on collisions, and fatalities and many people have questioned the lack of maintenance and preventative measures.

Route 46 is a two lane narrow road going from the Paso Robles area toward Los Angeles. It avoids Santa Barbara but it is not a safe road. It is a two lane highway that truckers treat like the autobahn in Germany. Cars have been known to be bold, passing at approximately 100 miles per hour on a two-lane windy road, challenging oncoming trucks, which is most certainly a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, Interstate 5 through San Diego has also been listed as one of the most dangerous roads in America. It is not on the list do to faulty road conditions or curvy roads and it also not because the people are ignoring the speed limit. Interstate 5 made the list because of the high amounts of people found to be drinking and driving. It is noted that approximately 35 people a day get arrested for driving under the influence. So, drivers must be very careful on this road and make sure to always use defensive driving skills. Sadly, in most accounts, the innocent drivers suffer the most fatalities and severe injuries, not the intoxicated driver.

So if you must travel, avoid these roads if you can. If that is not possible then proceed with caution and stay alert to your surroundings!