In today’s market it seems that insurance agencies can’t afford not to have an online presence. Consumers are now able to receive almost instant quotes online by filling out short forms. Does this mean the era of agents is dead? Let’s look at the pros and cons of both situations.

Pros for Online

I’m not entirely sure what the rising generation would do if online quotes didn’t exist. During the last decade agencies have promoted insurance quotes online as “quick” and “easy”. Online insurance quotes come with a myriad of benefits which include:

Pros for Brokers

Agents seem to be a dying bunch. While most insurance agencies focus online, agents seem to be left behind. Yes, some agencies have campaigned to show that there agents can help during accidents and recovery; however, when’s the last time you saw an insurance agency promote their agents to give insurance quotes? Here are some benefits of using Brokers that may be shocking:

Cons for Online

Despite the convenience and ease there are some things consumers miss out when using an online platform.

Cons for Brokers

While you receive perks and benefits on a discount level there are some cons associated with using brokers:

Who wins the battle?

Brokers. While online quotes offer ease and convenience they cannot replace the benefits of relationships and someone fighting for you. Brokers know the industry better than anyone else and leverage that knowledge to provide the cheapest rates for their clients. For these reasons brokers win hands down.