Bikes are annoying

Bikes. Everyone from politicians to environmentally conscious advocates seem to be pushing the use of bikes these days. Voices are shouting, “temperatures are rising, global warming is inevitable”, while I won’t argue for or against global warming, I will argue bikes are annoying for a few reasons.

First, cyclist are annoying when you’re in a car. It seems every time I’m in a hurry I get stuck behind a cyclist pedaling their heart out to the tune of 10mph. While I commend their efforts to preserve the environment, I just want to get where I’m going…quickly.

Second, cars are annoying when you’re the one on a bike. I’ve seen my life flash before my eyes several times thanks to cars almost hitting me. Crosswalks for cyclist can be perilous because of inattentive drivers. Every few seconds, while riding, cars zip by narrowly missing  by inches then honk as if you’re the one at fault.

Third, bike lanes can sometimes be the most dangerous lanes. Cones, potholes, and other objects can often obstruct bike lanes making it difficult to stay safe. Casey Neistat makes a good point of how dangerous these lanes can be.

Fourth and lastly, pedestrians are just annoying to everyone. Whether you’re on a bike or in your car, pedestrians can be very annoying. Often their confidence precedes them causing them to walk into the middle of the road without looking, on the belief that cars will stop. Or while trying to park, pedestrians will mosey across the lane, taking their sweet time to enter the store. No matter how you look at it pedestrians are often annoying. Just ask this guy:

Regardless of annoyance bikers, pedestrians, and drivers stay safe when on the open road.