California is a beautiful place to live, but Californians also want to vacation. With airline prices high, most people are choosing to travel by road. This is not only more affordable, but it also allows you to see the world opposed to puffy clouds in the sky. Whether you’re planning on traveling to a different part of the state, the Pacific Northwest, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon or anywhere else, you should know all the tricks to maximizing fuel efficiency. Another important key is to look into cheap auto insurance California. This will help put your mind at ease while you’re on vacation.

The busiest travel times are Memorial Day, July 4th, thanksgiving, Christmas and the Easter holiday. While it’s likely that your big trip will be during one of these holidays, it’s recommended you consider going on vacation at an off-peak time. Doing so will save you money on gas. The reason for this is because when you’re traveling at off-peak times, there is less congestion, which means a lot less stopping and going. When you’re constantly accelerating and braking, you’re decreasing your fuel efficiency by as much as 33%. This is the most important factor when it comes to fuel efficiency. If you have to travel during one of the major holidays, consider alternate routes and check current online maps to make sure there is no construction on your route. Another good idea is to consider traveling at night. That said, if you’re traveling with kids, then daytime will be safer and paying the extra money for gas will be a worthwhile trade-off.

Another good way to improve fuel efficiency is to remove any unnecessary items from the car. It has been estimated that every 100 lbs. you add to your vehicle decreases your fuel efficiency by approximately 2%. Also be sure to avoid putting items on top of your car if you can. This adds a lot of drag and can reduce fuel efficiency by approximately 5%.

An obvious but sometimes overlooked advantage is to take your car in for required maintenance on schedule. You might not want to do this because it costs money, but in the long run, it actually saves you money. If that Check Engine light comes on, you better get on it and get the car in for service as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’re decreasing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by approximately 4%. If you change your own oil, that’s fine, but make sure it’s the correct grade. If it’s not, that can also reduce fuel efficiency by 2%. If you’re unsure, it’s better to let the pros handle your oil change.

Did you know that the speed limit was established at 55 mph because that was the most fuel-efficient speed? That should tell you something. While going the speed limit might not save you time, it will save you money. Also know the different ways to get out of a speeding ticket.

Remember to look into cheap auto insurance. Whether it’s car insurance Sacramento or any other area in the state, this will offer you peace of mind.