Visit The Most Beautiful Places This Spring


America the beautiful is a such a true statement.

Especially in the springtime, when everything is blooming and coming back to life.

As spring rears its head in 2018, there is no better time to take that road trip you and your family have always wanted to take.

Beat the heat of the summer and take your road trip in the spring when flowers are blooming the brightest colors.

You will need to organize properly and get the whole family on board.

Make the most of spring by cruising on some of America’s best roads on four wheels.

Whether you drive a large SUV or small Mini Cooper, road trips are so much fun.

Traveling by road gives you the time to look around and enjoy your surroundings.

For the most part, Americans do their road trips when the kids are out of school.

But you can hit less traffic by doing a road trip in springtime.

Less people on the roads and in your destination cities sounds pretty good to me.

From the sunny state of Florida to the Pacific Coast Highway, there has never been so many beautiful places to see than right here in the United States.



Get What You Need Before You Leave


Setting out on an adventure always takes a certain amount of planning.

You will want to be fully covered and insured with cheap auto insurance Florida.

The coverage you get when insured can give you a feeling of security just in case you get a flat tire on the side of the road.

Insurance can also save you from paying out of pocket in an accident.

Even in spring time, the roads can get slick from rain.

This makes for a higher chance of slippery roads and accidents.

Be prepared for anything by having the type of cheap auto insurance that covers everything necessary.


Full insurance coverage in most states looks like this:



Why towing is important:


When you get a flat tire or your car has an issue and you need to pull over on the side of the road, make sure that you have towing coverage.

Most of the time road trips mean miles and miles of travel.

That is worn out tires, used batteries and other parts that may not work properly.

With towing you could have rental car reimbursement.

This means that your road trip doesn’t have to be put on hold just because your car has to be towed into a shop.

Sure it slows things down for what your plans might be, but it’s an adventure right?

A great 24/ hour roadside assistance service is irreplaceable when you are out on a road trip.

In new places you won’t know where things are and if you are traveling at night, you won’t want to put your family in danger.

Do the right thing and call a broker before you leave for your road trip.

Get that towing and roadside assistance you will want to have to feel secure when traveling.


Plan For The Worst, Prepare for The Best


The only way to start a road trip off right is to prepare.

Making a list of items to bring is a great way to start.

But if you are driving a car long distances, a more important feature is the well-being of your car.

Now, it’s true, cars don’t have feelings, but you want the best for your car because it protects your family.

Here are a list of things you need to check on your car before you take off across the country:

  1. Check your cars oil. You can have a shop do this if you don’t know how to change the oil. If you have a shop do it, make sure they top off off of the fluids and add synthetic oil. You can also get your car an additive that will help to keep the oil clean longer. Go all out and get the best oil change in town. You will want to make sure all of your cars parts are running efficiently and smoothly.
  2. Get new tires or get your tires rotated. Depending on the amount of wear your tires already have, you may want to just invest in a new pair. Now if you drive a large SUV or truck, these can get quite pricy. Rotating your tires is a valid option as well. The purpose is to ensure that you have enough tread on your tires to get you through a rain storm if need be. You will also want to have tires that wont pop easily if you decide to head into less than perfect terrain on your road trip.


More ideas…



  1. Make sure you have a spare tire that fits and the tools to replace it just in case. That means a jack, lugnuts and all of the proper tools. These usually come with a car, so double check before you leave.
  2. Clean the inside and get rid of anything you don’t need in your car. Make it nice and clean so your whole family will feel nice and cozy traveling. Get the family involved. Make the day before you leave a “cleaning and packing day”.
  3. Check your battery and charge it if need be. You will want to make sure to bring spark plugs. Sometimes even leaving the radio on without the keys in the ignition can drain your battery.



The Best Places To Visit This Spring


Some of the best places to visit are right here in America.

When you are looking to enjoy a great time with family, there is nothing better than a road trip.

Here are some of the best road trips for springtime.

A road trip can be planned with great detail or done by the seat of your pants.

Whatever suits your family, preface the journey with an adventuresome attitude.

After you attain your cheap auto insurance and clean up your car a little bit, you’r ready for one of the greatest times in your life.



California Dreamin’


Down the California Coast and on to the happiest place on earth. One of the best road trips to take with the family is not just seeing beautiful California in the spring time,  but ending up in Disneyland. This is where dreams come true and your kids will be forever grateful. Depending on where you are coming from, California drives can be very long or quite reasonable. If you are coming from the North, try driving the Pacific Coast Highway all the way down to Malibu. Cut across into Los Angeles and then Anaheim. There are a couple of great hotels right across from Disneyland where you and the family can stay and walk to the amusement park. When traveling down Highway 1, you will have to cut inward a couple of times for short distances. One because some of the California Coast has diminished from landslides, and also because there . is simply no roads. Check out the amazing California poppy’s growing on the sides of hills. Notice all of the cattle grazing in wide open pastures. Stop in Monterey and check out The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Ocean wildlife has never been so amazing and fun. You can stay here as a great two day stop if necessary. If you are traveling from the East, make sure you cut through Yosemite National Park. Check out the amazing waterfalls that springtime brings this area. You can from there take the I-5 which is located in the center of the state. Notice all of the farmland that graces this amazing state. Once you are in Anaheim, you can visit, Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney. Very reasonable packages are available through the Disney website.


Louisiana Great River Road


If you and your loved ones like the romanticized version of the South, then Louisiana is the place for you. Follow the Mississippi River to where only few go. The beauty of Spanish Moss falling from trees and green grass for miles will melt your heart and bring you closer together. This 70 mile adventure takes you from Baton Rouge to Creole and back to New Orleans. End your trip by checking out a city full of city and music. Start your trip with one of the most beautiful cities in the south. On your drive you will pass old Sugar Plantations and historical monuments. Flowers and moisture will be everywhere. The things that grow in Louisiana in the spring will out do almost any other place on earth. The richness and darkness of the grass and the blooming flowers will make for some breathtaking images. So bust out that camera and have a days travel full of pictures, laughter and family. When you get to New Orleans, try one of the world renowned restaurants and eat some southern comfort food.  The French Quarter has great places to visit such as the Saint Hotel. Get a glimpse of history in Louisiana on a spring weekend getaway. Enjoy your insurance by visiting the best places you can while you can.


Texas Hill Country Blue Bonnet Tour


This tour in Texas will blow you mind with beauty and Southern hospitality. 87 miles of beautiful flowers and a real feel for Texas. Start your road trip in Austin, Texas. See a band play and eat great food as this music capital city steals your heart. Head out West towards Johnson’s City. Take the Wildflower Loop, The head out to the town of  Burnet which is the official Bluebonnet Capitol of the world. What is a bluebonnet anyway? A Bluebonnet is a wonderful purple colored flower that sprouts up in a rich and full color. They look similar to snapdragons, but are smaller and more hardy. Texas is vast and sprawling fields of bluebonnets can take ones breath away. This short road trip will engage your family. Stop to eat a great dinner at Mama’s Home Cooking on West street in the town of Burnett. Get the true feel of Texas here. Then make your way, with a full belly back to Austin. Give your family a real treat by taking them to one of the many music hall’s in Austin where you can see bands or orchestras. Whatever meets your fancy. Texas has it in spades.


The Oversees Highway


Florida has never been so beautiful as she is when her water is clear and right underneath you. Take the 150 mile trip across the Oversees Highway. This takes you from Miami through the Florida Keys. You will see ocean for miles, green grass and amazing beaches. You will take Route 1 from Miami and head south. Get to know Miami for the day by touring the city and eating some amazing food. When you start out on your road trip, make a list of things for your kids to watch out for. There is just so much to see here.  Get your cheap insurance Florida drivers need and stay safe on the road. You will cross over 43 bridges and enter islands of paradise you never knew existed in the United States. Florida is the only state that has a tropical climate. That is one reason why it is so special. The weather and conditions here are so much different than anywhere else. One of the bridges you cross over is 7 miles long. That is like driving on water practically. Stop to see the coral reef and enjoy island living. Stop and enjoy your time by eating the food you shouldn’t and meeting the locals. Grab some Key Lime Pie and fried chicken. See the Dolphins at theLargo’s Dolphin Research Center. Stop at one of the many sparkling beaches and notice that no one is in a hurry down in the keys. You and your family won’t soon forget the wonder of this special place.



Good For The Soul


Road trips are the best when you have the whole family together.

Learning about new places and seeing new sights can be invigorating for everyone involved.

Wether you are doing a couples retreat road trip or have a family of five involved, do your best to relax.

By having the right kind of cheap auto insurance, you are sure to forget all of  your worries.

Go out and enjoy the season of spring, no matter where you live in the United States.