What It Feels Like Living The Florida Lifestyle


When most Americans think of Florida they instantly think of Miami or tall buildings.

People rollerskating near the beaches.

They think of free spirits and eating good food.

There is a feeling of life and an atmosphere that can sometimes be a little too much.

Some feel like Florida is the place to vacation but not to live or raise a family.

The truth is that Florida is a very unique state.

In fact it is the only state in the United States that has a tropical climate.

It is the only state in the United States so surrounded by water.

There are many unique things about Florida life.

But for every uniqueness, there is also something that feels like home.

There is a sense of welcomeness and openness that few others states have.

If you have been thinking of moving to the “land of flowers” you may be on the right track.

There are hundreds of reasons why living here, purchasing a home here, and settling down is the right choice.


Facts About Florida


Florida is called “the land of flowers” as this is what Florida means in Spanish.

There is a huge cultural diversity here from Spanish Speakers from all over the world.

Cuba descendants can call Florida home almost as much as American born citizens.

The atmosphere of some parts of Florida is what it is in Cuba.

And although there was a time when America didn’t like this fact, now it is celebrated.

Florida is surrounded by water which is clear and rich with wildlife.

The Florida Keys are a unique part of this beautiful landscape.

These islands located in the South of Florida are attached by over 40 bridges.

This not only makes for a stunning vacation spot for many people every year, but a great retirement opportunity as well.

Florida is a great place for people to settle in the winter time.

Most people head south for the winter just like the Geese do.

This great state has everything from the Everglades to great home prices.

Getting the right type of cheap insurance Florida residents need is a large part of survival here.

Florida happens to have hurricanes.

Well, it’s surrounded by water so what do you expect?

Many people tend to have the mind set that hurricanes are not as bad as not living in Florida.

Others are afraid to move here because of the large homeowners insurance policies you need.


What Insurance Will I need?


Here is a simple breakdown of the types of insurance you may need to truly live life to it’s fullest in Florida:


Car Insurance is a must and that means it is mandatory.

More coverage may be necessary:


Homeowners insurance is not mandatory as a state law, but lenders require it.

Plus living here, you can run into a few natural disasters from time to time.

Be prepared with the right amount of cheap homeowners insurance Florida residents need.


Homeowners insurance needs:


You could be covered for the following with a basic policy-

It depends on what you are looking for exactly, but for the most part, a basic homeowners policy will do just fine.


Insurance can save


  1. Cheap motorcycle insurance in Florida is not mandatory in Florida which is another unique thing about this state.
  2. Life insurance is also something that is not mandatory, but because of this large retirement state, selling life insurance is a large industry. Check into this if you have dependents.
  3. Health insurance is mandatory everywhere in the United States and Florida is no different. Ask a broker what this means exactly. Rates for health coverage are based on your annual income.
  4. Cheap car insurance Florida is of course needed. Any and all states require you to have car insurance. Florida also has a state minimum which is stated above. For the most part, people have to drive in this state. Unlike New York or Boston, larger cities such as Miami, don’t have the public transportation on the scale of those other cities..

Insurance is a large part of living in Florida because you don’t only want to protect your assets but your family.



Best Places To Live


Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a great place to settle down. Located on the Southeastern shore, this place is not only beautiful but has a great economy. Near Miami, a central hub of Florida, Fort Lauderdale has a great location for many who love this state and all it has to offer. Get great glimpses of the beach and sunsets that surround you. Visit historic buildings such as the Bonnet House which is an old plantation. This rich history is only possible here in Florida where Spanish moss falls from the trees and lively brick buildings sprout up. There is a great combination of modern architecture in Fort Lauderdale and a sense of old history.

You can get a fresh perspective by touring the many outdoor beachside restaurants and boutiques. There is a sense of upscale community here, but in reality, real estate is still quite affordable. You can still find a very reasonable home to raise your family here for under 300 thousand dollars. That makes Florida and Fort Lauderdale a great place to settle down. Getting the most for your money is what this solid and industrious town is all about.


Great Towns…


Orlando, Florida is not only home to Disney World and an amazing amount of tourists every year, but it’s a great place to live. This central Florida tourists destination is lacking in beaches but gains much more in outdoor activities. You might even be able to get away with not having hurricane insurance through your homeowners insurance policy. Living inland has a few advantages in Florida. One is that there is less people.

Now, there is a large tourist population,  but this makes Orlando a strong economic town. Simply this keeps jobs intact and money flowing through the city. But the people who settle down in Orlando, go about their business much like everyone else. There are great suburbs of Orlando with great schools and communities. Orwin Manor is a Orlando suburb which ranks number five out of the entire state for best places to live. According to Niche.com, it has all “A’s” for crime, schools and livability. This means that people can not only afford to live here but feel safe doing so.


And More…


Harbour Island, Florida is a suburb outside of Tampa. This city is ranked number one out of all of Florida for the best place to live and raise a family. With a small population of only 4 thousand residents, it makes for a very tight-knit community with safe streets and great schools. Some people prefer the smaller atmosphere where people know their neighbors. The average home price is about 325 thousand dollars and that is pretty average for Florida.

Maybe a touch above the average cost of homes in the state, it’s what you pay for when looking for a great place to call home. The average income of households in Harbour Island is around 90 thousand dollars. That is great income for the cost of living. Another reason why this town ranks so high on the list. Not only that but the schools here are ranked very high. Although the town is small, and so are the class sizes, the quality of education is really great. Families come to live in this small community not only to get to know their neighbors but to give their children a great education.


Unexpected Places…


According to Livability.com, the number one best place to live in all of Florida is Miami Beach. Now, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. With a population of 90 thousand residents, this large town has an amazing collection of art deco architecture and top nightlife attractions. Take a walk along the beach and notice the carefree attitude of those around you. Get dressed up and feel the vibrant atmosphere of the nightlife here. This city has a reputation of being the place to party.

You might not realize it, but many families thrive in Miami Beach as well. A diverse culture, it is an amazing place to teach children about differences in people and how we can all work together. A fairly safe place to reside, Miami Beach is one of a kind. Being here makes your heart sing with pride and your body want to move. Get out in the sunshine and enjoy what Miami Beach has to offer you! Living here may make your wildest dreams an actual reality.


A College Town…


Are you looking for a college town? Maybe you are a University student or teacher or perhaps you just like the atmosphere of a college community. Most college towns tend to be more progressive and forward thinking. Tallahassee has this in spades. This college town is full of pride and acceptance. Home to the Florida State University and Florida A&M, you can expect to find many younger attractions. Art, music and a great nightlife all come together here. Located in Northern Florida, Tallahassee is a unique town with a down-home vibe.

This town is a major center for trade, small-businesses and research. For the most part, these two colleges bring an abundance of life and money into the town. If you love sports and outdoor activities you have come to the right place. Take the whole family to a University football game and feel proud of how your team does. Settle into a community that puts focus on education and research. Making the world a better place while accepting those around you will soon become a motto you live by.


Getting What You Need


Here is a re-cap of why Florida is so great and why you simply need to live here.


  1. Housing affordability is very important. You can actually afford to own a home here. You may need extra cheap homeowners insurance Florida residents want, but that is a small price to pay for owning a home of your own. Unlike states like California or New York, the increase in wages meet with the increase in housing costs. This means that the income you are making in Florida correlates to the housing market. Simply put: you can afford to own a home here and you don’t have to be rich!
  2. Education is everything! Many communities in Florida have the funds for great public schools. This is a must when you are a young family looking to settle down. For the most part, Florida is a combination of a retirement state and a College state. This means people choose to move here every year young and old.
  3. Beauty abounds when you have water all around. There are simply so many great beaches and outdoor activities. Florida is also a good size so that you and the family can take a weekend trip to the Keys and only travel a few hours. Go to Disney World which is located in the center of the state. Easy access is one of Florida’s greatest assets.