Where You Want To Live If You Ride On Two Wheels


There are so many amazing cities not only the the Unites States but around the world.

From getting cheap insurance Texas needs you to have, to riding on Arizona’s back roads, the motorcycle life is exciting.

But what if you are a motorcycle enthusiast?

Where are the best places to not only ride a motorcycle but own one?

Where are the cities that have a great motorcycle culture and great winding roads to dip into on your bike?

There are some that are right near you and some an ocean away.

There are nearly 9 million motorcycles registered in the United States.

That is a lot when you think about how many people can actually ride.

For those of you who are driving a car are just missing out!

There are some states that have a much higher rate of motorcycle lovers.

In South Dakota, you will find 1 bike for every 10 people.

There are a ton of factors that make some cities better for riding than others.

One of those factors is weather.

Weather is a huge factor because no one wants to ride in the rain or snow.

But for other states, this just doesn’t matter.

South Dakota is not only cold but the wind can pick up and be quite the monster.

But the motorcycle culture here is so big that nothing, not even weather can stop riders.

Another is the cost of cheap motorcycle insurance.

If you can ride your bike and have great motorcycle insurance, that is saving you a ton of money each year.



Factors That Make a Great Motorcycle Town


Here are the top factors that make an amazing motorcycle town.

Not all towns fall in these categories, but let’s try and break it down.

  1.  Weather is a huge factor for motorcyclists. Not only is it dangerous to ride in bad conditions but because you are exposed on the back of a bike, it really isn’t fun.
  2. Access to roads and places to ride. If you can easily access miles and miles of beautiful travel, most bikers will sign up.
  3. Community of bikers. It helps if the town has a motorcycle culture. Owning a bike is a very unique thing and people who own them and love them relate to each other better than most.
  4. Population of the city. Usually over populated cities are not fun to ride in. Even though bikes can always find easier parking than cars, it isn’t fun to have your bike bumped into or accidentally knocked over because of heavy tourism.
  5. Bars, dives and places to park. If you can find more than one bar or dive to check out, your town is already a winner. Bikers like to ride in large packs and land at the same place, Hanging out and playing pool after a 50 mile trek is a nice way to unwind.


What You Need Before You Ride


The things you need before you get out on your bike, no matter what town you are in, are essential.

The number one thing you need before you even think about getting on the back of a bike is cheap motorcycle insurance.


Here is what most states require you to have:

Here is an example of the minimum coverage needed to ride in the state of California:

There are many other options available as well.

Most of the time, the minimum coverage only covers the other party involved.

You may even be able to have your gear covered. Protect your protection today.


Here are the types of two-wheels that can qualify for insurance:


Why do I need Insurance?

The Best Cities Ranked


Here are some of the best cities to live in if you want to ride on two wheels.

These cities are chosen based off of weather, location, population and motorcycle culture.

These cities are from the United States but there are some amazing cities around the world that must be visited by bike.

Before you ride make sure you have your cheap motorcycle insurance, current registration and a valid drivers license.

The best ways to visit these towns is with a posse of bikers behind you.

The only way to ride a motorcycle is with a helmet, without drinking and with an open heart.


If you love the road, make sure you visit these following cities:


Santa Clarita, California– Located north of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita has great weather and is close to amazing biking roads. You can take the Interstate 5 down into Los Angeles to check out the scene. Or you can head up into the mountains to hug those turns and see the vistas around you. Without much rain, Santa Clarita stays clear for much of the year making it easy for riders. Ig you live in Santa Clarita, try commuting with your bike into work. Even if you drive to LA, bikers won’t sit in traffic because they can pass cars and switch lanes in the state of California.


McKinney, Texas– 30 miles south of Dallas is the town that really will get your engines going. With little to no traffic, it is a great place to ride a motorcycle in Texas. Weather is clear and can get warm but makes for clear roads and mile and miles of travel. Get the cheap motorcycle insurance Texas residents need to see the sights you want to see. Travel is easy here in Texas and the hospitality is just what bikers want and need. Go to a local dive and hang out or check out he beautiful scenery around. McKinney is the place to have a good time and ride with joy.


More cities…


Fort Collins, Colorado- Colorado is not only one of the most majestic places to live because of the scenery, but the roads lead to everywhere. Any direction you take in Fort Collins, you will end up in a great riding situation. There are 39 days of rain fall a year which makes for most of the year to be great riding conditions. The temperatures are great for riding, usually in the high 60’s. You will only spend around 20 hours a year in traffic, which is very low compared to other cities in the United States. And there is a good motorcycle culture here with one in every 28 people owning a motorcycle.


Cary, North Carolina- This city is the number one motorcycle city on the east coast. This means that more people own bikes here than any other east coast town. There must a reason for this. North Carolina is not only beautiful but it is a great location. You can travel South to sunny Florida or travel east to the coast. There is more rain here than any other other cities above. The west coast is hands down easier to ride in, but there is something lush and great about east coast riding. You can have 90 degree days during the summer and some 40 degree days in winter. But all in all, you will have an abundance of roads to ride all year long. Travel the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall and see the turning leaves that give off vibrant color like no other place on earth.

Things you might need while riding:


Here are some great items you will want to buy before trekking out to these amazing towns.




Scooter Town USA


If you don’t ride a typical motorcycle but ride a scooter, you’re still in the club.

You just might be looking for a different kind of town to hang out in.

You won’t be cruising out on the open road for miles and miles.

But you may want a cool a hip town that you can explore.

One of the best scooter towns in all of the United States is Austin, Texas.

Getting the cheap motorcycle insurance Texas residents need will cover you if you ride a scooter.

This busy, and fun city is not only beautiful but beneficial to the scooter enthusiast.

The scooter culture here is vibrant. As are the array of coffee shops and sea-side restaurants.

What is a scooter?



Why Bikes Are So Loved:


Bikes are a way of life for many people.

Whether it is the daily commute or the long weekend run, we can’t argue that the motorcycle has been pulling at heart strings for years and years.

When you want to know what bike is the fastest or most expensive, you usually start to think of ways to improve your own.

There are many other facets to motorcycle ownership such as your personal style.

Maybe you even have a signature helmet you love to wear.

Bikes are special to those who ride them because it is more of a way of life than a way to get around.


Why do I need insurance to ride a motorcycle?


Not only will insurance protect you and your own motorcycle.

But it will protect others out on the road.

This is primarily why motorcycle insurance is the law in most states.

They want a way to not only save lives but to protect civilians.

Motorcycle insurance can save you thousands of dollars.

How? Because riding without insurance is a huge risk.

And when you don’t have insurance, the unforeseen accident is just waiting to empty your pockets.

Lower that risk with the cheap motorcycle insurance you deserve.

Just like your auto insurance, it is a good idea to review your policy every six months to make sure you have the right coverage at the best price.

Discounts can be offered for taking a motorcycle safety course.

They can also be offered to those who have sustained a good riding record for years.

Protect yourself and your machine.

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