Having the right car insurance plan for a new car is the ultimate challenge for many people that need to be assured in case of an accident or theft; the insurance company will step in to compensate them for the loss. Car insurance is not a cheap investment to people with new and high-end cars considering the premiums they are expected to pay. A new car owner, especially one of high-end cars, should therefore, take an insurance plan that is manageable, offers effective response in case of an emergency and has a good service pack that is worth his/her money.

Most companies offer cheap insurance for new cars that come with extra add-ons to benefit their customers once they buy the car insurance; they may include car maintenance, special discounts on premiums, free insurance for a second car, or discounts for other types of insurance like health or cheap home insurance.

Esurance high-end car add-ons

Esurance offers discounts to their selected clients such as Good driver discounts and Switch & Save for new customers. The good driver discount is given to drivers of high end cars that have not had many faulty accidents or driving violations for the past 5 years. In addition they offer safety services such as daytime running lights, anti-theft, and Anti lock brakes discounts to their customers.

Esurance new car add-ons

Esurance offers a claim free discount to their clients with new cars; it is an extension reward for good driving, the customers with this discount are able to save up to 20 percent of their money if they have not filed for any claims in the past 5 years.

Liberty Mutual’s new car add-ons

Liberty Mutual insurance also offers various discounts to new car owners. They make all arrangements for any car repairs by the highest standards mechanics. The repairs cost is paid directly by liberty insurance to the TLC facility that the car was repaired; they also give a scheduled plan for the next service and repairs. The company offer’s new car replacement policy for their customers; if the car is damaged within a year, they fully compensate the owner to buy a new car without considering the depreciation for the car. This new car plan is a standard feature on liberty mutual auto plans and covers autos that are less than a year old with a less than 15,000 miles coverage.

Liberty Mutual’s high-end car add-ons

A client can get a considerable discount for insuring more than one car, therefore; the insurer saves money on the policy. High-end car owners also receive benefits like lifetime guaranteed repairs when they agree to repair their cars at any of the Total Liberty Care (TLC) approved repair shops.

Geico’s high-end cars add-ons

When a customer has more than one insurance policy for example condo policy, home owners, or renters policy; they are will probably get a high discount for their car insurance. One can also save up to 40% for having full-front seat airbags; this discount applies to the personal injury or medical payments part of car insurance premium.

Geico’s new car add-ons

Geico’s mechanical breakdown insurance is given to their customers at a relatively cheaper price compared to the typical dealer warranty. The cover caters for all parts and systems for the car compared to dealers that only guarantee replacement of a few parts. This saves money because the client is charged a small premium per each policy payment period which is convenient compared to the lump-sum charged by dealers.