Driving is fairly essential in California because people commonly have long distances to travel to their jobs. These people tend not to use public transportation because it requires that they change buses frequently and it, therefore, takes people a very long time to arrive at their destinations. They also enjoy the freedom they have in their vehicles. But, carpooling allows people to travel without having to resort to riding the buses. It can also help people qualify for cheap insurance rates.

Carpooling Is Environmentally-Friendly

In Southern California especially, traffic tends to be very heavy, and the vehicles are spewing a tremendous amount of harmful emissions into the air. The mountains surrounding the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties keep the smog created by these emissions from dissipating. When more people carpool, fewer cars are on the road and less harmful emissions are released into the air.

Less Rush Hour Traffic

The California highways are known for their rush hour traffic that seems to last all day. If more people are sharing rides, there aren’t as many cars on the highways with one person traveling several miles. For example, a carpool with three co-workers removes three vehicles from the roads each day. If there is a rideshare for each workplace, the traffic could be reduced significantly.

Have More Time with the Family

As more and more people ride to work together, they can begin to leave their homes later. They can take time to eat breakfast with their families. When they leave work to go home, they will arrive much earlier than they had been when the freeways were highly congested.

The Low-Mileage Discount

Those who only need to drive to their carpool meeting places are driving fewer miles each year. Drivers can qualify for cheap car insurance in California when they inform their insurance companies that the number of miles they are driving has dramatically decreased. Because they have less of a risk for causing an accident or being hit by another driver, their auto insurance rates should go down.

The Ability to Ride in the Carpool Lane

Most of the people on the roads are by themselves in their vehicles. Until carpooling catches on, people will have to ride in the carpool lane to be able to drive at faster speeds than they can in the regular lanes. While most people aren’t sharing rides, they will continue to crawl along in the rush hour traffic described above, and their vehicles are paying the price for it.

Spend Less Money on Gasoline

Gas prices go up and down and when they are going up, people are extremely unhappy. Those who are riding to work together are feeling less of a financial burden due to high gas prices, because everyone in the car contributes to the gas costs.