In Tim Burton’s Batman movie, Jack Nicholson’s Joker asks of Batman, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” Given the many replacements, explosions, crashes, upgrades, accidents and traffic violations since, the more pressing question has to be, “How does Batman insure those wonderful toys?”

Specifically, what does it cost the Batman of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises to insure his Batmobile? This isn’t going to be cheap insurance, I can tell you that.

If you’re talking about The Tumbler version from The Dark Knight Trilogy, we might be here for a while. This version of the Batmobile is not only a technological wonder but also an otherworldly creation. The fine folks over at put together a pretty comprehensive look at all of the costs that go into being the Batman portrayed by Christian Bale and the Tumbler is one of the most expensive aspects.

According to them, when you factor in the stealth technology, jet engine, armored plating, self-destruct system, mounted machine guns, remote control operating system, GPS technology and motorcycle escape pod, you’re looking at a vehicle that costs roughly $18,000,000 to create.

In order to determine the insurability of the car and its driver, we’re going to need some stats.

Driving Record: Shockingly Clean

While no one can honestly say that Batman is one of the safer drivers on the road, we dare say that he’s never actually been ticketed or reported for any of the accidents with which he has been involved. This seems to be one of the perks of being buddies with the police commissioner.

Age, Sex, Marital Status: Mid-30s (Give Or Take), Male, Single

We don’t know for sure but by the time we get to The Dark Knight Rises, we can be reasonably sure that Bruce Wayne is over the age of 25, where some insurance premiums kick in. As a male, he’s going to pay a higher rate than Batgirl. As a single man, he’s considered not as concerned about responsibility, and therefore loses out on cheap insurance again.

Model of Car: Custom. Very custom

Batman can expect to pay a much higher rate due to the high-risk nature of his vehicle and how he drives it. The fancier the car, the more you can expect to pay in premiums, and we don’t know too many cars fancier than the Batmobile. Hey, at least it’s not red.

Location: Gotham City

Where you live can have a huge impact on your car insurance. For example, drivers in a city like Detroit can pay as much as five times the same rate as other drivers. All due respect to Gotham City, but it makes Detroit look quaint by comparison. We can expect to see some of the highest premiums in the nation in Gotham.

How Often You Drive: Honestly, Not That Often

If you think about it, Batman doesn’t wear out the tread on those Bat-tires all that much. He’s usually gliding through the air or using one of his other vehicles. At most he’s putting 10K miles on the Batmobile a year, which is great for depreciation value.

Other Vehicles: ?

We’re assuming that Bruce Wayne is going to keep his insurance policies for Batman and himself separate as to not arouse suspicion (and maintain cheap insurance for himself). However, Batman may be able to take advantage of packaging rates for The Batpod motorcycle and The Bay plane.

Conclusion & Rate: Roughly $15,600/Year

Based on the Batmobile’s specs and Bruce Wayne’s pertinent information we can roughly say that, deductions-pending, he’s going to be paying an amount that seems ridiculous to you and I but remains chump change for a gallivanting billionaire playboy. I’m sure Alfred won’t have much of a problem cutting the check.