Top Ten Things To Keep Things Simple When Heading Back To School

The summer is coming to a close for most families. The kids and teens are heading back to school and that school schedule is starting up again. You have a list of things you still need to accomplish. Getting to the dentist for a cleaning. Getting to the doctor for those vaccinations before school. Making sure your child has the right school supplies. Your family has to get on the same page about who will pick up who after school. Maybe one of your kids rides the bus. Or perhaps you  carpool with another family. You will need that cheap car insurance to keep everyone safe. When we think about school as a culture, usually good thoughts arise. But there are more and more dangers facing our young citizens every year.

Not only has gun violence become the norm in our culture, but we often see schools with metal detectors to keep all sorts of weapons out of the building. When did this phenomenon of school violence become the norm? On the other hand, your teenager will be getting their drivers license and starting to drive themselves to school. This is another type of safety precaution we as parents need to be aware of. Caution of others on the road, but also the safety of your child when behind their own vehicle. Young drivers are more than twice as likely to get into an accident or crash. Making sure you have the best cheap car insurance available for teens is key.

Why Kids Are Reluctant

There are more than a few reasons why kids are reluctant to head back to school. One of the more obvious reasons is social pressures. If your child doesn’t fit in just like everyone else, a public school setting might make them feel like an outcast. On the other hand, there are many socially accepted kids who struggle in school for other reasons. Class sizes keep getting bigger, and the one on one attention to our students is diminishing. But there are things we can do to help them through this process. Whether it’s simple things like not wanting to get out of bed early in the morning, or more important things such as being bullies at school, reluctance to start school is nothing new.

Having an open mind and being able to talk to your kids is key to understanding why they feel the way that they do. There needs to be an open and safe place for them to release their tensions without judgement. We as parents often forget that our kids are people like us going through what they consider just as big of dilemmas. So school might be a hard thing to go back to after a summer of lounging, decompressing and enjoying ones self. School doesn’t have to be scary if you try and make things normalized for your kids. No matter what age, kids thrive on consistency and routine. Give them the best by using these tips for a smooth back to school season for the whole family.

Tips And More

#1- Get the kind of car insurance you can trust. Driving is a huge part of back to school. Whether you live in a large city or commute outside of the city, sitting in line for drop offs is a too well known activity for parents. You will want to be covered for the best cheap car insurance around. How can you do this? What will you need? Here are some basic insurance requirements for most states:

These cheap car insurance options will only protect the other party involved in a crash. There are other options which will protect you and your own vehicle.


#2- Clothes shopping made simple. Here is your biggest fight right? Clothes. How much to spend, what will they wear, it all gets a little fuzzy after a while. Why not sign your child up for a monthly subscription from Stitchfix. You can give them a monthly allowance that makes this online shopping tool easy. Basically you pay a monthly payment and this website will choose outfits for your kids based on their style. It is shipped to your door monthly and gives the kids (especially teens) something fun to look forward to. This also takes the pressure off of you for shopping. Your child is in control of what types of clothes they wear. Make sure that you approve all outfits but try and trust their judgement. It isn’t easy in school these days. Clothes say a lot about a person. Be open minded with boundaries.

#3- Give your kids a great study place. Make sure there is a quiet and kid friendly space in your home for studying. If your house is loud and chaotic most of the time, it will be hard for anyone to get any homework done. Give your kids a fun new space to work in this year. Fill totes with healthy snacks. Buy new pencils and pads of paper. Make sure there is a computer hooked up and a printer. Give them zero reason to complain or to not do their homework. You might be surprised by how much time they want to spend in this space.

Getting Involved

#4- Here is something that most parents want to do but seldom have time for. Getting involved. The more involved you are with your children’s school, the more you know and can prevent. It might take extra time, but get into a PTA or fundraising opportunity with your child’s school. Ask the teacher if you can volunteer once a month and see first hand what is happening in their classroom. This might mean taking a half day from work or putting your own hobbies on the back burner.

Trust me it will be worth it. Get those Kleenex and extra pencils from the store and help the teacher stock their room. If your child sees you volunteering, it might spark something in them to want to do the same. Don’t underestimate the power of setting a good example. Get involved and know what is happening while your child is at school. Let’s face it, they spend far too many hours there for you to not know.

Teachers Are Important

#5- Be on the teachers side. Get to know your child’s teacher and support them. Being a teacher is a big job and having supportive parents can be a game changer. Make sure your child gives them Christmas gifts and stays after school to help if needed. Getting in good with the teacher can mean your child will want to as well. We have to set the example that being positive and having an open relationship with our teachers and school staff is important. Don’t let your child make excuses or talk badly about their teacher.

If there is an issue, and you have built a relationship with this teacher, there is no reason you can’t talk things out. Back to school reports should be taken seriously. Always ask what more your child can being doing. We have a tendencies to coddle our kids when it comes to school. Remember that school resembles the real world. That means there is no coddling allowed. Prepare your kids in a big way.

In The Home

#6- Make your home a place of learning and safety. Talk to your children often about being safe when out walking or when at school. Stay open with them about the dangers of bullying. Whether it’s being bullied or being a bully. Neither is ok and they need to know this. Talk often about what to do in a certain situation. Make sure your child can defend themselves if necessary but also understand that that is always a last resort. Talking can make a huge influence on a child’s life. Most kids feel like they don’t have anyone to talk to. Change this in your home today. Listen to your child and always take them seriously. If they are trying to tell you something or are accusing someone of misconduct, listen.

At School

#7- Connect with parents, no matter how hard it is. We are all busy. But as parents there is one thing we all have in common. Our kids. They struggle, they thrive and no matter who they are, we can all come together s parents and do what is right by them. We can do this by setting a good example, and making friends with one another. The best reality check for kids is when they have no reason to doubt us or call us out.

Make friends with the teachers, staff and parents at a school. This can make your kids schooling experience so much easier. Always be nice, smile and if you happen to not like someone, just ignore them. Kids learn by seeing what we do. Have you ever heard that old saying, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? Use this rule when it comes to dealign with people at your child’s school.

#8- Get Enough Sleep. No matter what your kids fight you on, sleep cannot be a fight they win. Sleep is one of the three pillars of health. We all need sleep for our brains to function normally. If parents and children don’t sleep, we get grumpy and rude. We don’t excel at work or school. Set a routine and a great sleep pattern for your kids early. Make sure they are in bed at 9pm every night and you go to bed not far after. Make sure that you stay on routine all week long. Talk to your kids about the importance of sleep. Good sleep habits such as sleeping in your own bed and in separate rooms is critical.


#9- Create a family calendar. Some people are visual learners and when it comes to planning ahead, having something visual in the home is very important. Get a large calendar or white board and keep it filled out for everyone. Each person can have their own color marker. Make sure you put in times and details if needed. Sometimes this includes car pool schedules, soccer games and practices, or mom and dads work schedules. You can also add to-do lists for the kids for when they get home from school. To make life a little easier, get your planning down early. Make a monthly calendar and fill it out at the beginning of every month. Make sure you help your kids to get in the habit of checking the calendar. After all, what is the use of having one if you don’t use it. Keep it in a place in the house that’s easy to spot.


#10- Talk about your safety plans early and often. Now in schools, you will have a drill for fire and a drill for what happens if someone brings a gun to school. This is the world our kids live in. So talk about it. Have your own safety plan for the house. And talk about the what ifs. This means what if someone breaks in. What if someone brings a gun to school. Talk about these realities. It will make all kids feel safer to know that their family has a plan and knows what to do. Give detailed information. For example: if there is a drill at school or a lock down, text mom or dad 911- This means to drop what they are doing and come to the school. If your child is feeling unsafe or needs to be picked up early, give them the benefit of the doubt. Without making this a habit, it is not a bad thing to make your child feel secure by taking them home. Some days are bad. We all have them. So be empathetic to the fact that school is no longer a place free from fear.

From cheap car insurance to a fancy new wardrobe, there is no doubt you will be busy this fall.