Everything You Need To Know About Insurance


You probably have a lot of questions about insurance products .

There are thousands of insurance companies in the United States.

There millions of people every year who need insurance.

You can attain insurance for almost anything these days.

You can purchase insurance for the clothes you wear and the records in your closet.

But let’s talk about the bigger insurance policies such as home, life, car, and motorcycle.

You can purchase the highest quality insurance for thousands of dollars.

You can buy the minimum required insurance and stay within a tight budget.

Either way, when you travel through life there is one thing you can’t live without: insurance.

What is insurance? How does insurance work? Who sells insurance?

These are some of the questions you may have.

Let’s take a look at simplifying it for you.


Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding insurance.

These are basic insurance topics that every consumer should know.

Why do you need to attain cheap car insurance? How much is the average cheap homeowners insurance policy?

It’s hard to ask about life insurance.  No one wants to think about that part of our lives.

A quality cheap life insurance policy is worth discussing.

This type of insurance will save your family money. You don’t realize how much you need life insurance until after it is too late.



What is insurance?

Insurance is a product that is sold to a consumer protecting them and their assets. Insurance is sold all over the world and millions of people use it.

In the United States it is the law to carry car insurance when driving.

There are laws pertaining to homeowners insurance and cheap motorcycle insurance as well.

Every state is different and laws can change from year to year. It is important to keep up to date on the laws regarding insurance.


The dictionary definition of insurance:

  1. A practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium.
  2. A thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

What is an Agent?

A person who sells insurance policies and is licensed to do so is called an agent.  An agent can help you find the right type of insurance.

They can help you attain discounts which could save you money.

Unlike an agent, an adjuster is a person who evaluates claims for the insurance company and determines the amount of loss on those claims.

This person works for the insurance company and not the consumer. An agent is not to be confused with an actuary. 

An actuary is a person who assess risk ratios for the insurance company.

Another name for an insurance agency is a carrier.

The carrier provides the service that the consumer needs in order to protect an asset.



What is Liability Coverage and why do I need it?


 Liability Coverage is coverage that pays the other party involved in an accident.

This is only the case if you are considered at fault of any injuries or damages caused by an accident.

You need this coverage when you drive a car so that the other person involved in an accident is covered for any damages as well as medical.

Liability coverage is needed in a homeowners policy to protect the homeowner from the same liability they face if someone is injured inside the home.

Most of the time liability is the only type of insurance a consumer will purchase. They may not know that liability does not cover their own car, motorcycle or property.

If you want to properly cover your own vehicle and assets when involved in an accident, you will need to purchase Collision Coverage.

Collision Coverage will cover your own cars damages. Depending on what insurance you have, you could cover your own medical expenses as well.

Sometimes you need to have separate medical coverage for car accidents. Liability will not cover any of your medical bills, but will cover the other party.


What are the types of car insurance policies available?


Here are a list of car insurance policies you can purchase through an agent:


What are the types of homeowners insurance policies available?


Homeowners insurance policies usually covers the following:

What are the laws regarding having a homeowners policy?


Laws regarding this policy varies by state.  Most of the time a bank will require you to attain homeowners insurance.

If you are taking out a loan for a home, you will need to carry at least the minimum amount of homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance covers four basic types of insurance: structure, personal belongings, liability, and additional living expenses.

The location of your home, the construction type, roof slope and many other features contribute to how much your homeowners insurance will be.

You can add more to your policy such as flood insurance and fire insurance.  It is better to be over insured when it comes to the value of your home.

After all, owning a home is part of the American dream!


How much insurance should I purchase for my motorcycle?


Most of the time a state will require you to have just as much motorcycle insurance as you do car insurance. In California the state minimum is:

This is the case in most states.

You can buy the same types of insurance for your bike as you can for your car. You may want to consider Collision and Comprehensive coverage.

Purchasing extra insurance for your gear may be a good idea because helmets and protective wear can be expensive.

Terms On Insurance

You can never have too much information about a large purchase such as insurance.

If you are purchasing car, life, home, or motorcycle insurance and you want to bundle these together, you could end up saving quite a bit of money.

Here are some terms and facts that will help you when purchasing insurance.

More Terms…


More Facts…



Wrap Up

Let’s break down the essence of insurance and how it could benefit you.

Car Insurance:

Motorcycle Insurance:

Life Insurance:

Homeowners Insurance:

There are a few ways to contact an insurance agency.

You can go through a broker who can help match you up with the right policy and agency that fits your budget. You can do a little shopping online and compare prices.

Here are tools to help you search for insurance:

  1. You have rights as a consumer
  2. Ask for discounts
  3. Know the laws of your state in regards to how much insurance you may need
  4. Do not sign anything you are not 100% comfortable with
  5. Higher prices does not mean better insurance
  6. Make sure that you attain more than just the minimum amount of insurance
  7. Making yearly payments will cut your bill
  8. A broker is working for the consumer
  9. Insurance agencies do their business based on statistics
  10. When you call a broker, have your paperwork handy and a list of questions