Carving through Arizona’s breathtaking landscapes is a joy, but having valid car insurance is a requirement. However, for some Arizona drivers with driving infractions on their record, a standard policy won’t be enough. If you’ve committed certain driving violations, the Arizona Department of Transportation may mandate an SR22 with your insurance company as proof of financial responsibility. unpacks everything drivers need to know about SR22 insurance, including how to find SR22 with the cheapest car insurance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Continuous coverage, meeting minimum insurance requirements, and notifying your insurance company of changes are crucial responsibilities with an SR22 in Arizona.
  • The duration of your SR22 requirement depends on the violation, but you can confirm the exact end date with the DMV.
  • An SR22 requirement is triggered by specific driving violations, acting as proof of financial responsibility.
  • Finding cheap SR22 insurance is possible by comparing SR22 car insurance quotes and understanding factors affecting auto insurance.
  • Maintaining a clean driving record, asking about discount insurance, and considering deductible options can help get cheap SR22 car insurance.

What is SR22 Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

An SR22 insurance certificate, sometimes referred to as SR22 insurance, signifies to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles that you maintain the state’s minimum car insurance requirements.

Several driving offenses can trigger an SR22.

  • Reckless driving: Operating a vehicle with willful or disregard for the safety of others can lead to an SR22.
  • Multiple traffic violations. Accumulating excessive points within a short time frame due to traffic violations or speeding tickets can also trigger an SR22.
  • Accident without insurance. Being involved in an accident while uninsured can lead to getting an SR22.
  • Driving without insurance. If you’re caught driving without valid car insurance in Arizona, the state may require SR22 auto insurance for a set period to reinstate your license.
  • DUI/DWI. Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) convictions result in an SR22 filing. The length of the requirement varies depending on the severity of the offense.

An SR22 is not car insurance itself. It’s a certificate filed with the state by your insurance company, demonstrating you have the required minimum liability auto insurance.

Can I Find Cheap SR22 Insurance in Arizona?

Absolutely! While SR22 insurance typically comes at a higher cost, Arizona offers a competitive car insurance market, allowing you to shop around and find cheap insurance. By comparing SR22 car insurance quotes and understanding factors that affect a car insurance quote, you can secure inexpensive SR22 insurance.

What Factors Affect the Cost of SR22 Insurance in Arizona?

Several factors influence the cost of SR22 car insurance in Arizona.

  • Car insurance company. Different companies offer varying rates for SR22 insurance. Shopping for affordable auto insurance quotes in Arizona is recommended.
  • Coverage level. Arizona requires at least minimum liability insurance. Opting for this can make you eligible for cheap auto insurance.
  • The severity of your violation. More serious violations, like DUIs.
  • Driving record. Having a clean driving record can help you qualify for cheap car insurance in Arizona.
  • Age. Younger drivers typically pay more for car insurance with SR22.

Finding Inexpensive SR22 Insurance Quotes 
often boils down to getting multiple SR22 auto insurance quotes and understanding what information you need to provide.
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Where Can I Get Cheaper SR22 Insurance Quotes in Arizona?

Several resources can help you find cheap SR22 insurance quotes in Arizona.

  • Independent insurance agents. Independent agents work with various insurance companies and can shop around for the best SR22 insurance quotes based on your situation.
  • Online insurance marketplaces. These platforms allow you to compare SR22 auto insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies in one place.
  • Directly contacting insurance companies. Reaching out to several insurance companies individually can also yield low cost SR22 insurance quotes.

What Information Do I Need to Get Cheap SR22 Insurance Quotes Near Me?

To get accurate inexpensive SR22 insurance, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Driver’s license information
  • Details of your driving violation
  • The length of your SR22 filing requirement
  • The year, make, and model of all vehicles you want to insure.
  • Any past insurance coverage information

Additional Cost-Saving Tips

  • Increase the deductible. A deductible is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before your car insurance starts paying for an insurance claim. Opting for a higher deductible can help you find low cost car insurance. However, ensure you can comfortably afford the higher deductible amount in case of a claim.
  • Maintain a clean driving record: Avoiding further violations after your initial offense can significantly improve your insurance price when getting quotes for SR22 insurance.
  • Review your coverage regularly. As your SR22 requirement nears its end date, or if your driving record improves, consider shopping around again to see if you can find cheaper insurance without the SR22.

What are My Responsibilities While Having SR22 Insurance in Arizona?

In Arizona, having an SR22 comes with a few key responsibilities.

Maintaining continuous insurance coverage. Your insurance company is obligated to notify the Arizona DMV if your SR22 insurance lapses or gets canceled. A lapse can result in license suspension until the SR22 requirement is fulfilled.

Meeting minimum liability coverage requirements. Arizona requires all drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. $25,000 bodily injury or death per person, $50,000 bodily injury or death per accident, and $15,000 property damage. While you can choose higher coverage limits, maintaining at least the minimum liability car insurance is required for the SR22 to remain valid.

Notifying your insurance company of any changes. If you move, change vehicles, or experience any other significant life changes, inform your vehicle insurance company promptly. These changes might affect your insurance policy.

When Will My SR22 Requirement Be Removed in Arizona?

The duration of your SR22 insurance depends on the initial violation that was committed.

  • Other violations: For offenses like driving without insurance, reckless driving, or accumulating excessive points, the SR22 requirement is generally three years.
  • DUI/DWI: The minimum SR22 filing period for a DUI/DWI conviction in Arizona is typically two years. However, the specific timeframe can vary depending on the severity of the offense and any subsequent violations.

By understanding car insurance with SR22 and taking proactive steps to find the cheapest insurance, Arizona drivers can navigate this process efficiently and get back on the road with a peace of mind.


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June 24, 2024

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