A cheap insurance quote doesn’t have to correlate to low quality insurance with a disreputable company that disappears when you get into an accident, or gives you the runaround when you need to make a claim for reimbursement, or repairs. In this economy, you may be underemployed or unemployed; making inexpensive insurance necessary, but you can still find great coverage just by doing your homework.

Do your research online to get ideas about the best possible car insurance. Ask your friends and family who they have car insurance through, and send out questions to your contacts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. After you make a list of possible insurance carriers, determine what your insurance needs are before you look for a cheap insurance quote.

You might want collision insurance, even though many states do not require it in order to drive your car, motorcycle, truck, scooter, or recreational vehicle. Collision insurance can save your quite a bit of money – thousands of dollars or more – and you can choose your level of deductible, or the amount of money you must pay out of pocket before your insurance will cover any damage sustained in a collision.

Regardless of whether you want it, you must carry bodily injury liability insurance in many states, which can protect you from lawsuits and judgments against you that can cost you even more than a little fender bender. These kind of suits can cost you millions in damages if you injure or kill another motorist, so when you seek out a cheap insurance quote, make sure it provides this type of insurance.

You may also opt for vehicle insurance to cover your car from damages resulting from theft, floods, hail, fires, vandalism and other acts, and another optional type of insurance covers the cost of towing and labor should your car break down or if you sustain damage in a car accident. Some insurance coverage can cover the cost of transportation and car rentals that you might need in the case of an accident, too. Uninsured motorist coverage is a smart option as well – this protects you from having to shoulder the cost of damage to your car or truck if an uninsured motorist causes an accident. Many drivers on the roads in the United States don’t carry insurance, so when you get your cheap insurance quote, always ask about the cost of uninsured motorist coverage. Whatever type of insurance you need for your truck, car or other vehicle, a solution is available. After doing all your research, call around and get the best price for your insurance needs.

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