This winter has been wet and windy all over the country but especially in California.  With all of this wet weather, motorcycle riding for most people, has been put on hold.  And for those of you hoping to dip your feet in the motorcycle riding industry, right now may not be a great time to get out and test your bike.  However, there are some really important things you can do during this rainy season to make sure your riding days go smoothly and are risk free.  We are all itching to get out and stretch our legs.  Sunshine is needed! But I am a “doer”, and if I cant “do” outside, then I will find other options. I have found some helpful ways to get your motorcycle fix, which just also happen to be responsible. Here are five great ways to get cheap motorcycle insurance that also help you become a better rider.


1) Take a class

Staying safe on a bike is usually a top priority for riders, especially commuters.  You can also get a ton of insurance benefits for taking a motorcycle class. Yes you can learn things from the internet, or even get a relative to show you the ropes, but a certified safety course for motorcyclists gives you a lot of credibility and credit with your insurance agency. Most companies will even give you a discount on your premiums if you have the course certification.

Have you ridden a motorcycle before? Here’s a great article about learning how to ride a motorcycle.

Check Out This Website for more ideas on classes provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  If you live in California check out the CHP website for safety training courses, or your state’s equivalent.  Even if you can ride a scooter or dirt bike, when riding out on the open roads with other drivers, it’s nice to have an idea of what works to keep you and others safe.

2) Get your license

Even though you don’t have to have a license to insure a motorcycle, why wouldn’t you? Riding is half the fun! Get to the DMV and take the test. It will feel great!

Click here for a practice test: DMV

Even if you are just riding a dirt bike around your property, taking the test will only benefit you.  And we can always benefit from a little rider education.


3) Buy the Right Gear

Helmet, helmet, helmet! Ok, I am not trying to sound like your mother, but having the right helmet can save your life! Also having the proper protective gear will not only keep you safe, but you can also insure it! That way you know that every dollar you invest in your safety gear is covered along with your bike. You may also have the option of getting discounts on your premiums with your insurance company.

Here are the facts for cheap motorcycle insurance:


4) Get Your Bike Registered

Every bike must be registered, just like a car, to be ridden on the road. Once you have bought your bike, just take in the proper paper work to the DMV, and hopefully without too much fuss, you will be in and out and ready for the open road.  Oh wait! Get your stickers put on your plate.  You may even want a custom plate that says something like “roadhog” or “toofast“.  But whatever the plate says, make sure your stickers are current and visible.  Registration fees vary in every state, but usually range from $40-$50.  The title fee is usually around $20.

register your bike  This link will take you to the CA DMV site for registering your bike.

cheap motorcycle insurance

 5) Start Off With an Inexpensive Bike

Why buy a brand new bike, when you might lay it down, or dent it in the first few months of owning it? Especially if you’re a beginner.  Get your bearings with a used bike that fits your body and weight.  Everyone dreams of owning a brand new Hayabusa, but I would hate to see what happens to it in amateur hands.  You may also be able to get cheap motorcycle insurance because of the type of bike you have. It also matters what CC your motorcycle is; in general, the bigger the bike the more your insurance will cost. It is also a good idea to have the more than the minimum amount of insurance.  Not just basic liability, but uninsured motorist coverage, just in case an uninsured vehicle hits you.  More likely than not, your bike will be totaled, and you will want to be covered.  Your first motorcycle should be a stepping stone to the second and then third.  The more you ride, the better you will become and the better the bike you will eventually want!

We all know that for the most part, bikes are just plain dangerous.  So while it’s wet and slippery this winter, get organized! Get some new gear! Go look at your fantasy bike.  And follow these five steps so that you will not only feel  more organized before starting your spring and summer runs, but be ahead of the game when it comes to getting cheaper insurance and becoming a safer driver.