Technology is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with all the advances. We have compiled a list of 5 types of car gadgets that lead to saver driving and cheap insurance. These gadgets will lower insurance premiums, maximize child safety, avoid driver fatigue, and eliminate blind spots while still allowing the driver to have up-to-the-minute traffic information and safe access to a quality sound system.

Insurance Company-sponsored Technology

Two gadgets that will help you get cheap insurance include Progressive’s SnapShot and State Farm’s In-Drive. These devices monitor your driving habits including the time of day or night you drive, your breaking patterns and the number of miles you typically drive. The insurance companies compile this data and can offer significant savings to safe drivers.

Child Safety

An average of 37 babies die each year by being accidentally left in a hot car. The ChildMinder Smart Clip System from Baby Alert International is designed to guarantee that you never accidentally leave your child unattended in a car. Retailing at $69.95, one part of the device attaches to your child’s car seat strap, with a second part attached to your key chain. When the strap is activated, your key chain will automatically alert you if you go more than 15 feet away from the car without unstrapping your child. This offers more than just cheap insurance that your child is alright.

Avoid Driver Fatigue

Independent research has shown that driver fatigue is responsible for up to 20% of all automobile accidents. The Anti-Sleep Pilot is a great way to keep yourself safe on long road trips, while driving late at night, or while driving fatigued. It is available both as an independent device ($179) and as an iPhone app ($19.99). The Anti-Sleep Pilot monitors the driver for signs of physical fatigue and alerts you when it’s time to take a break – before you reach the critical fatigue level at which an accident is most likely to occur.

Eliminate Blind Spots

The Delphi Rear and Side Detection System is an invaluable gadget that helps reduce the hazards caused by blind spots. The device uses a 76GHz single-beam mono pulse radar, providing significantly more protection than the 24GHz systems that are also available. In addition to detecting other cars in your vehicle’s blind spot, the Delphi Rear and Side Detection System has a lane change merge assist feature, a rear cross traffic alert for use when backing up into traffic, and a sensor alerting occupants when a rear-end collision is likely to occur. Each of these features give drivers additional time to respond to potential hazards avoiding collisions and contributing to cheap insurance premiums.

Safe Radio

Car safety enthusiasts still love to have fun, and in a car, that means safely enjoying your favorite music in high-quality sound. Music lovers can’t pass up the Kenwood DNX 9990HD car stereo system. This has all the bells and whistles including Bluetooth technology, smart phone connectivity and built in HD Radio as well as GPS and real-time traffic data powered by Navteq Traffic. Rated at the top by many consumer and gadget publications, this system provides optimal performance and usability with an ease of use that increases safety by limiting distractions from traditional knob and button radio technology.