An Inside Look

Screech of brakes. Yours. The other driver’s. Someone’s fault. The other driver, you, both of you, a dog darting across the street. You didn’t see it coming. Any of it. That’s why it’s called an auto accident. That’s why you have insurance.

If you’re lucky, both you and the other driver are able to exit your damaged automobiles dazed as in “I don’t believe this,” or hurling verbal accusations, not to mention casting aspersions not only about your driving, but slurs about your respective IQs and mothers. More often (we hope) one, or both of you, will utter sincere–or at least polite–apologies and exchange insurance information. If your vehicle is visibly damaged, but still runs well enough, you drive away. Despite the increasing ache in your neck and shoulders. Whip lash, no doubt. But you can worry about that later.

As silly as it sounds, you believe that being the first party to report increases your credibility.

Roger, the agent you reach, speaks in an earnest, empathetic voice. His assuring words assuage your anxiety. You are his first concern. Not the banged up car. He makes you promise to get yourself checked out to make sure that the intensifying ache in your neck and shoulders is nothing worse than a slight whiplash. And that the airbag merely bruised your ribs. It’s like talking to your elder brother.

“We’ll have your car fixed as good as new!” Roger assures you. Roger thanks you for being a decade long, highly valued customer and a Be Assured family member. “A service rep, who will handle the entire process for you, will be phoning you by the end of the day,” he again assures. What a great guy Roger is! Be Assured is a great company!

Be Assured is as good as its word. You get your car back in a week. Good as new! Even washed and waxed. If only your whiplash and headache had healed as fast.

Friends and family make sure to warn you that you premium will go up. A lot. But it doesn’t. All is well!

So, is the story true or a marketing fairytale?


This was a true account. But not every story turns out so happily.

The 5 Most Common Complaints About Car Insurance


Lots of reasons.

You get what you pay for. That simple. But In the long run, the real cost to you may be not only financial but, emotional, and perhaps legal. So, always ask around and check the records of complaints against them.

We don’t read the policy. When the agent tells us we’re covered, we don’t ask for greater detail than offered.

We also don’t realize that the insurance can legally choose to cancel our policies based on stipulations spelled out in the policy. Think DUI, excessive claims, poor credit, and the like.

We didn’t have the coverage we needed to legitimize all of our claims.

Even if the previous complaints were not problems for us, the company can raise our premiums to a rate that may be cost prohibited. For some of us that may mean we have to give up cable TV, our Smart phones, or our planned vacation.
For others of us, it can mean taking a second job, or having your partner go back to work.

Worst of all, the insurance company can cancel us. True, that in almost every state, you can then become part of a high risk pool. But at substantially greater cost.