Finding cheap car insurance these days can be difficult, especially if you are living in a state with heavy rates of car theft such as California, New York or Texas. One way to get cheap car insurance rates is to use today’s technology to your advantage and seek out gadgets that can help prevent auto theft. While there are some obvious solutions to car theft like a steering wheel lock, brake locks or honking car alarm, there are others that are much less conspicuous.

Something to be aware of when preparing your car for theft prevention is that all cars have vehicle identification numbers listed throughout their various parts. Car thieves will try to strip down your car and alter its vehicle identification number so they can sell the parts without a problem. According to Auto-Theft, there is a way to prevent this; that is by installing identification markers onto your vehicle.

1. One very effective way to mark the ID of your car, and make it more likely to find cheap car insurance, is to have the vehicle identification number etched into its windows. This is known as glass or VIN etching. VIN etching does not take away from the value or appearance of your car at all, but does make it much harder for a car thief to disguise or alter the vehicle identification number in order to strip your car down and sell its parts. A thief may see your car as too much effort because all of the windows would have to be replaced before he could begin to do his usual strip-down-and-disguise work.

2. Another effective way to mark the identity of your vehicle is to use microdots. There is a company called DataDot Technologies that offers a spray-on product that is full of microdots infused with your vehicle’s identification information. This product can be sprayed onto random parts of your car and the microdots – which are invisible to the naked eye – will keep your vehicle’s identity protected from alteration.

3. Another way to protect your car from theft is to have an immobilization device installed. There are some car companies that offer engine immobilization as an added security measure, though if your car does not come with that option you can purchase some devices on your own. One device you can purchase is the USB Car Theft Protection Security System. According to Ankaka, this is a simple system that just requires a cigarette USB adapter. This product cuts off access to the fuel tank when the USB key is not inserted, making it nearly impossible for someone to steal your car.

4. Featured on ElectroSchematics, is another product called G-Spot Electronic Theft Prevention that can help keep your car safe from potential thieves. This product requires that you touch the gadget at the same time your key is turned to start your engine. If you don’t touch the product at the time you turn your key, your car will not start. This is a great way to keep your car protected and will increase your ability to find cheap car insurance.

5. Another product that helps deter theft is SafeCar. This is an electronic immobilizer system that prevents hot wiring, key theft and ECU replacement. An ECU is a computerized engine control unit that is usually found in older engine immobilizer systems. With SafeCar, this cannot be altered so you can be sure your car is safe from potential predators. You can find more information on this product by visiting Safe-Car.