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As we all know, life is full of twists and turns. Some of them are exhilarating, like when you are on your bike hugging turns on some backroad, or flying down an open highway. But some are also discouraging, like when you’re pulled over at the absolute worst time. I bet you know one or two people who drink, or smoke marijuana, and then get on the back of a motorcycle. We all like to have fun. But what happens when that fun takes a wrong turn? What happens when you think you are sober enough to hop on your bike and head home? Even if it’s a few blocks away, that short drive could have have long consequences. If you have ever had a DUI, you know one thing: IT SUCKS!

Here is how the story goes: You had a bad day at work. You got a bad review, or your boss is being a jerk. It’s Friday and all you want to do is have a couple drinks and relax. You ride your bike to a friend’s house, have a few drinks, play some cards. Harmless, right? You’ve been pacing yourself, and you seem fine to ride, so at midnight you hop on your bike and head home.

But this isn’t your lucky day, because there is a DUI checkpoint ahead of you. You think you’ll be fine, but when they use the Breathalyzer on you, you are .085, just over the legal limit. Your bike gets taken, your license gets taken, and you might even spend the night in jail. You have hit a low point and you are frustrated.


There is a silver lining. You can get your life back after something like this, and it doesn’t have to ruin you financially. You will need SR22 insurance for your motorcycle, but I will tell you that getting cheap SR22 Insurance in California is not difficult. Read all the important 4 facts SR22 Motorcycle Insurance below:

Here are some facts you may want to know:

know bike insurance facts

1) SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is a certificate of insurance you will need after something like a DUI, or other serious traffic offenses. Your insurance company files it with the DMV, in order to tell them that YOU have current insurance that meets all of the State’s liability requirements. Having an SR22 filing is usually the last major step in getting your license back, and getting your bike back on the road. Take this seriously! Here is a another blog that helps you understand the law.

2) Restricted License

If you have a restricted license resulting from a DUI, this allows you to drive to and from work, to and from school, and to and from your DUI classes only. It’s not much, but it’s a start. You have to pay your bills, right? You have to get yourself back on track. To obtain one of these after a DUI you must:

restricted license

3) How to Get SR22 Insurance

Quickly after your arrest, you must file for SR22 insurance through your insurance broker. Here is a helpful

You will not qualify for this insurance if you refused to submit to a chemical blood test or breath test. You may want to consult an attorney as well. The faster you ask for SR22 insurance, the faster you may be able to get back to your life. When you notify your insurance company, they have to obtain all of your DMV records. The process may take awhile, and your prices may increase. It may help to get multiple new quotes for cheap motorcycle insurance. Click Here to see some of the options available to you. All motorcycle riders must have insurance in the state of California to be able to ride. So don’t make the mistake of not going through this process after your DUI. The sooner you get your SR22 filing, the sooner your driving record will start to clear up.

Here is some information about the cost, because let’s face it, everything comes down to how expensive something is. SR22 insurance typically costs between $300- $800 for six months (or $50 – $133 per month). The price depends largely on your record with the DMV, your age, and what level of coverage you need. There is also a $25-$50 filing fee with your insurance company. This is worth it! To obtain any sort of license and be able to get back on your bike, any amount is worth it! You need your life back! You have to get to work, so don’t hesitate when it comes to obtaining SR22.

4) How Long Until I Return To “Normal”

Ok, so you got a DUI. That sucks. And unfortunately you will have to have SR22 insurance for three years after your suspended license. Here is the big tip: Don’t drop your SR22 insurance! if you cancel your policy, it will cause delays, and could even reset the clock, meaning you’ll have to start the whole process over. Getting your driving record clear takes time, but why extend the process? Keep your insurance active for you and your bike, even though it may cost more than you had hoped it would. Eventually, over time as “points” come off of your driving record, you should be able to return to paying cheap insurance premiums.

Also, if you plan on moving to another state, you will need to find out what their requirements are for SR22. California state says that you need it, but some states don’t.

Hopefully these tips were helpful. Hopefully you will get on the right path. Riding a motorcycle is a great privilege, so do yourself a favor and get SR22 insurance and follow the DMV guidelines.

Cheers to the silver lining!