Google recently updated its street view with 250,000 new miles of roadway in 17 countries and intimate views of world landmarks. Users are able to see more of the US and other countries than ever. While Google street view may seem cool, it may be hard to find a reason to use it. Here are three awesome ways to capitalize on a great service:

1. Planning a route

Gone are the days of unfolding a map from your glove box to plan a route. Technological advances provide us the convenience of digitally viewing streets, maps, and locations. Google street view allows the viewer to see if there is construction in the area, how many lights are on the street, and what traffic looks like on a particular day. You can shave good amounts of time of your journey by using street view to plan a head.

2. Familiarize with location

Sites like Craigslist allow individuals of communities to post items for sale. Most of the sales are delivered through strangers in differing locations. Google street views allows you to look up locations to determine the safety of the area.

A second example of using street view for familiarity is for appointments. For example if you’ve got a job interview in an unfamiliar area, you can jump on street view and locate the building and access points.

3. Visually visit world landmarks

Google now includes up close and personal views of world landmarks in its most recent update of street view. Users can simply time in a landmark of location and get real-world views of spectacular scenes and landmarks. The new spots include, Catherine Palace and Ferapontov Monastery in Russia, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan and Stanly Park in Vancouver.