Halloween is quickly approaching and it got us to thinking, “what if car’s dressed up for Halloween too?” We started searching the Internet for weird cars, and we’ll be honest we we’re surprised by the amount of weird and hilarious cars on the Internet. We found cars that really put meaning in the phrase trunk or treat.

Below you’ll find cars that make statements in every way possible. One car titled “Obese car” illustrates what would happen if a car were to eat too much oil.  Another car shows it’s owner had too much time on their hands.

Special Coverage

As usual when you make modifications too your car you’ll want to contact your agent for more information on coverage. Some mods are covered while others are not. Your agent will help you discern which parts and customizations will be protected. A special insurance plan will be required if you decide to trick out your car like the ones below.

Which car is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Cars that are ready for Halloween