While riding a motorcycle can be exciting, it also can be a far more dangerous. Just having cheap motorcycle insurance is not enough to avoid harm. This is mainly for two reasons: a rider is far more exposed at high speed to external forces, and other drivers just don’t see motorcycles. Here are ten tips beyond just personal safety that every rider should practice:

  1. Loud Pipes Save Lives – When drivers are inside a car, they hear themselves, the radio, and passengers. So if worried about your motorcycle exhaust being too noisy, don’t. It’s probably helping save your life.
  2. Get Trained to Ride – The best motorcycle riders are those who proactively avoid problems. Motorcycle training courses provide valuable information, especially on how to deal with sudden problems and unexpected road obstacles.
  3. The Wide Open Road is Your Friend – Getting boxed into a lane or road position without a quick way out is a bad place for a motorcycle. Small vehicles tend to get squished when other cars make contact. Instead, even if it means letting traffic pass, riding with an open lane or access to allows a quick exit point in sudden need for a lane switch.
  4. Don’t Ride Skill Level – If you have never been on a highway, don’t ride with commuters in middle of morning traffic. Instead, build up practice for faster traffic on the weekends. This allows a rider to acclimate to the demands of the highway versus the much slower road or street.
  5. Wear a Helmet and Armor – A certified head helmet is a must and body armor in a jacket and shoes is just plain smart. Drivers cause far more accidents to motorcycles than riders do. Because of this fact, it’s just a matter of time before almost every rider goes down at least once. Having appropriate protection saves a lot of personal damage and pain. It can even save your life.
  6. Maintenance Matters – Most motorcycles tend to be left outside. This exposes them to the elements as well as their normal use. Regular maintenance catches lots of small problems that can become big ones quick if left unattended. A good, maintained bike will pull a rider out of a bad problem with cars.
  7. Watch Out for Bored Drivers – Bored, distracted car drivers tend to be the worst cause of motorcycle accidents. They just don’t see riders. Good signs of such car drivers will be signs of nodding off, talking on a cell phone, talking to someone else instead of watching the road and even eating. So get around these drivers as fast as possible or let them pass with distance.
  8. Avoid the Rain – If you don’t have to, don’t ride in the rain or wet days. Wet asphalt is a bigger challenge for motorcycle tires which have less road contact. Cars can slow very quickly, causing sudden obstacles for motorcyclists who need more distance to slow down or stop suddenly.
  9. Always Assume a Mistake – Car drivers blow stop signs and corners all the time. A motorcyclist needs to always look twice to make sure he doesn’t end up in front of an oncoming car or one overtaking his slower position quickly.
  10. Have Good Insurance – After an accident is a horrible time to learn the benefits of having good health or motorcycle insurance. Get it taken care of ahead of time. Both will help tremendously with recovery should an accident occur. Insurance doesn’t have to cost a lot. Cheap motorcycle insurance is readily available.

Many cheap motorcycle insurance providers can help new riders find resources to follow the above tips. Just ask.