The President of the United States has one of the most difficult jobs in the world. His every action is monitored by the public leaving him susceptible to criticism and dislike. One of the protections for the President comes in the form of a car also known as “The Beast”. Here are 10 facts taken from wikipedia you probably didn’t know:

  1. The car is sealed against biochemical attacks
  2. Goodyear supplies tires that are bulletproof and never run flat
  3. The trunk holds a blood bank of the President’s blood type
  4. The car is driven by a highly trained Secret Service agent capable of performing a 180 degree turn in the limo
  5. The car gets about 8 miles per US gallon
  6. The car houses a special night vision system in a secret location
  7. There are communication systems in secret storage compartments within the interior of the vehicle
  8. “The Beast” is estimated to cost $300,000
  9. The trunk lid has five antennas
  10. The car can seat seven people, including the President

The President’s car is clearly armed against any attack. Cool gadgets line the cabin and could keep any person busy for hours. Needless to say this car is perfectly fit for the President of United States and may run a high car insurance premium.