Average Annual Premiums in Oregon = $1,241  | via Insure.com

Cheap Insurance Oregon

Cheap Insurance Oregon

Driving in Oregon

Insurance Facts

Oregon residents enjoy a lower cost of living than many states, due in part to the number of choices for cheap insurance Oregon companies offer. Because much of the state is rural, the average policy cost is only around $1,200 pear year. This can get higher in urban areas like Portland or Eugene where the population density is higher (increasing the risk of traffic collision).

However, the urban areas also have more public transportation options, so many residents choose to commute by rail/bus in order to save money. The less miles you put on your car each year, the lower your auto insurance rates.

Another reason for Oregon's low premiums is the lower rate of uninsured drivers. In 2011 the rate was only 11% compared to the national average of 13%.

Auto Insurance Requirements

The state of Oregon requires all drivers to carry the following coverage on their insurance:

Bodily Injury liability:

  • up to $25,000 per person
  • up to $50,000 per accident

Property Damage liability:

  • up to $20,000 per accident

Additional coverage requirements:

  • $15,000 PIP (Personal Injury Protection), covers medical, dental, and other expenses accrued after the crash
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage, $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident for bodily injury

Because of the rising cost of health care and vehicle repair, smart drivers will elect to carry higher limits. You must present proof of this insurance any time you wish to register a vehicle (or renew your registration).

Interesting Facts

  • To the delight of 63% of drivers, Oregon is one of two states that prohibit self-service pumping.
  • Drivers are obligated to yield to pedestrians even if they are standing on the sidewalk.
  • State law makes it illegal to race on the highway, but also to "test your physical endurance" while racing (we're not sure what that means either).

Helpful Resources

For more information on Oregon's auto insurance requirements, head over to the Department of Transportation's guide.

The Oregon DMV provides many online services, a list of local branches, and a variety of how-to guides for drivers in the state. Residents can renew their licenses, apply for licenses, transfer vehicle titles, and renew registrations (among other services).

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Average Annual Premiums in Oregon = $1,241  | via Insure.com

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