Cheap Insurance Akron

Cheap Insurance Akron

Akron has been a rubber town for most of its history, only moving on toward polymers in the last decade or so, which has solidified the population. It has also earned a reputation as a “high tech haven” which continues to bring new growth and development. So it’s definitely a forward-thinking town, and looks to remain health for decades to come. Ohio is known for it’s low cost of living, and this extends to the number of options for cheap insurance Akron has available. If you’re thinking of re-shopping your policy, take a few minutes to learn what factors affect the price in your town. This can help you find the lowest rates.

Helpful Information

  • Akron’s cost of living is 17% lower than the national average, but also 11% lower than Ohio’s average. This can help explain some of the low rates you will find.
  • Public transportation is handled by METRO and, while it services a good chunk of the city, most commuters still choose their car. If you can take public transportation we recommend doing so. Lowering the miles you put on your car each year can lower your auto insurance rates a great deal.
  • Traffic problems aren’t too bad, but there are over 340,000 commuters hitting the roads during peak hours each day. Compared to Akron’s total population of around 200,00 that amounts to a heavy influx of vehicles. This raises the risk of traffic accidents and insurance companies will rate your liability accordingly.
  • Auto thefts have been cut in half over the last decade, and seem to be on the decline. There were 721 cars stolen in 2012. This means that the rates for comprehensive coverage dropped over the past few years, but could be leveling off.

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