Cheap Insurance Miami

Cheap Insurance Miami

Considering recent economic developments, residents are encouraged to shop the many options for cheap insurance Miami has to offer. “Magic City” is one of America’s busiest and most productive cities, with a current population of 419,000 (5.5 million in the surrounding urban area). It is also the richest city in the U.S. (according to a 2009 study), partly due to having the largest concentration of international banks in the nation. Considering the size of this metropolis however, Miami’s crime rate is fairly low (2,700 auto thefts in 2012).

What Affects My Insurance Rates?

There are many factors insurance companies consider when deciding what to charge in your city. Here are a few:

  • Traffic conditions: 3.16 million drivers hit the roads each day during Miami’s 5 rush hours. This presents a huge increase in auto accidents.
  • Crime: Each neighborhood has its quirks, but residents of the Brickell neighborhood are going to have lower avg. full coverage rates than residents of Hialeah or Winwood. That’s not a judgement on the neighborhoods, just a reality of insurance actuary.
  • Your coverage: Florida’s state requirements represent the minimum required by law, and is used a base-line for statewide rates. Additional coverage will cost extra, but often not as much as you think.

The Best Way To Save Money!

Most insurance professionals will agree that the best way to save money is to check your rates against competitors. We suggest doing so at least twice a year (more, if possible). With online rating systems, it’s easier than ever to get comparison quotes. Simply type in your zip code to get the process started!


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