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Miami, Florida is one of America’s busiest and most productive cities. With a current population of 419,000 (5.5 million in the surrounding urban area), the city serves a number of important roles, from tourist destination, cruise port, shipping hub, and financial center. The “Magic City” has its fingers in many pies. Its position on the coast, and its beautiful weather make it one of the cleanest cities in the nation (#1 according to Forbes, due to its air and water quality). It is also the richest city in the U.S. (according to a 2009 study), partly due to having the largest concentration of international banks in the nation.

Visitors and residents can enjoy a thriving night-life, a variety of musical styles (it is especially famous for its Caribbean music), and a diverse food culture heavily influenced by Caribbean culture and Latin American cuisine. The Biscayne Bay also has a number of intact coral reefs, which bring large numbers of sailors, snorkelers, and scuba divers to the city year-round. Miami has 80  parks and gardens, and outdoor adventurers can also explore the numerous bays, canals, swamps, and fishing spots all year due to the tropical climate.

Considering the size of this metropolis, Miami’s crime rate is fairly low (2,700 auto thefts in 2012). Insurance can be higher however, so car owners are advised to shop their policies frequently to ensure they are getting the cheapest rates. For a list of Florida’s auto insurance requirements, see our guide.

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