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Tuscon has been one of the fastest growing cities in America for decades, although most of that boom is due to a large number of winter residents (known locally as “snowbirds”) who purchase second homes in the area due to its warm temperatures. Major employers (for full-time residents) are the Air Force, the University of Arizona, and a number of advanced tech companies like Raytheon Missile Systems and Texas Instruments.

The population of Tucson (currently just under 1 million) is expected to double by 2050, leading to concerns about the city’s available water. Climate change has added to those concerns, spurring the current mayor to explore a number of sustainability initiatives such as increased water conservation efforts, and a push to attract “eco-tourists.” The Tuscon area is surrounded by five gorgeous mountain ranges and a desert rich with animal life and vegetation, attracting hikers and campers year-round.

The crime rate in Tuscon is about average for cities of its size, but has been declining over the past five years. Annual auto theft rates still hover around 2,500, so if you own a car you are advised to purchase “full coverage” (comprehensive and collision coverage). For a full list of Arizona’s auto insurance requirements, head over to our state page.

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