Driving in Alabama

State Information

We do our best to understand your state's unique insurance needs and we make it our mission to find you all the quotes for cheap insurance Alabama can offer. Income stats for Alabama rank it 44th in the Nation in per capita incomes. Earnings come predominately from service, governmental agencies and durable goods industries.

The population has grown steadily for the last century, but has tapered off the last few years. However, there are still close to 5 million residents, with the highest concentration in urban areas like Birmingham and Montgomery. Drivers in those cities typically pay higher rates for liability and "full coverage" than residents of suburban or rural zip codes.

Insurance Facts

  • Alabama has a graduated licensing program including nighttime and passenger restrictions for young drivers.
  • Alabama has 3 different insurance coverage markets for drivers with spotless records, fair driving records or poor driving records. Practicing safe driving and avoiding accidents or tickets pays big dividends in Alabama.
  • Alabama ranks 4th in the nation for vehicle exports. Four major car manufacturers have sites in the state: Hyundai, Honda, Mercedes, and Toyota.

State Car Insurance Requirements

Minimum required auto insurance coverage in Alabama consists of :

  • Liability Insurance
  • $25,000 for bodily injury to another person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury to all other persons
  • $25,000 for injury or destruction of another individual's property in a single accident.

Did you know?

Alabama knows a thing or two about speeding, so be sure not to get caught driving too fast near Huntsville, Alabama, which is known as the rocket capital of the world.

Helpful Resources

DMV website

Alabama licenses and motor vehicle issues are handled by the Department of Public Safety.

Registration Information

Alabama cars are registered through the county licensing offices, a full listing of which may be found here. Internet registration is available in most counties. Cars must be registered within 20 days of purchase, or 30 days of moving to Alabama, and require insurance ahead of time and a $15 payment.